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How to convince your HR department H H. of using psychometric tests to hire?

ANDWe are in the twenty-first century and you are still screening the same amount of CV than in 2005. And you continue working only with the interview and your good intuition to hire, using the same platforms and doing the same thing over and over again, and even chasing the candidates to schedule an interview. So, the time has come to look for a platform that will help you get to know your candidates better and screen them quickly and easily. To do this, you can use psychometric tests to hire.

From the Human Resources department they are aware that the aforementioned can be improved with the implementation of an evaluation software that saves time and gets to know the candidates better in the initial phase of the selection process and thus dedicate that extra time, to tasks of greater value for the growth of the company.

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But, sometimes the barrier is in the Director of the department. Unfortunately, not everyone is in favor of incorporating new Human Resources software. Now, is it possible to convince them that psychometric assessment will benefit the entire company?

Definitely; It is possible, and from now on we will explain how to approach the Director of your Human Resources department, so that you can convince him that the use of evaluation software in the selection process will have a positive impact on the growth of the company.

Your day to day:

On a daily basis you have a lot of CVs to review, then you spend a lot of time calling each of the shortlisted candidates, scheduling interviews and hopefully interviewing them as ghosting is real and it happens often and finally making reports to the hiring manager. 

The result of all this is frustration, wasted time with candidates who do not fit the profile and lack of time to perform activities of value.

But... What does the Human Resources department think about using psychometric tests?

On certain occasions, your problems as a selection and recruitment leader are not those of your HR Head, so you must present them in a way that is relevant to the entire company, and it must be made clear that when human resources are not effective, the entire organization suffers. . 

For example, you can focus on the benefits that the implementation of assessment will generate in the selection process, the increase in ROI, the improvement of the adjustment to the position or the reduction of the hiring time. All these benefits generate direct benefit in the productivity and performance of the company. For this reason, the best option is to focus on what impact it will have on the company?

For that these affirmations can help you:

What is the ROI of using psychometric tests?

Note: the calculations that we show below are based on our experience but your results may be different, since it will depend on the number of processes and candidates you have. 

Example: use Hirint in 20 selection processes per month.

Savings in hiring time

Hirint helps to reduce between 10 and 30 hours per process depending on the number of candidates that apply to the process and the phase of the selection funnel in which the tests are applied. 

To be conservative in our analysis, we will take the lowest range as a reference: 10 hours.

10 hours * 20 processes/month = 200 hours/month

These 200 hours our recruitment team can dedicate to higher value tasks, such as conducting more detailed face-to-face interviews. 

The cost of an average recruiter in Spain is €18,000 gross per year, that is, €12.37 per hour. 

Therefore, thanks to the use of Hirint we are saving €2,475/month 

Consequent savings from the reduction of unwanted employee turnover.

According to our experience Hirint reduces unwanted employee turnover between 12 and 30%

Taking into account the 15% reduction in the turnover rate and the hypothesis of a company that loses 14 employees a year without using Hirint, with the use of Hirint it would retain 2 more employees. 

The turnover cost per employee ranges from €10,000 to €50,000 depending on the level of seniority. Retaining 2 employees represents a saving of at least €20,000 for the company.

In this specific case, the annual ROI of acquiring Hirint is €49,700 per year.

In conclusion…

Probably, the first conversation is not going to be enough to convince the HR Director. HH, to invest in evaluation software, but at least you can start the conversation and point it in the right direction. The important thing is that you do not end the meeting until you get results.

However, a good practice to engage your Department Director is to make the following steps clear and commit him to investigate more about this type of tool, in addition to offering him all the necessary information for this. 

If you have already convinced your Human Resources Director, book a meeting with us and we will tell you everything about Hirint HERE

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