The search for talent to fill positions in companies usually lasts two to three months. During this period, the organization invests resources in the selection process while the vacancy remains open, generating a delay in the responsibilities and tasks of the position in question.

In response to this challenge, Hirint introduces an advanced tool for soft skills assessment: state-of-the-art psychometric tests. These tests accelerate the evaluation of candidates and ensure the selection of the most suitable personnel for each role, while improving the applicant experience.

How do psychometric tests facilitate talent selection?

These tests, unlike other recruitment tools, allow an objective evaluation that covers both the technical skills and the soft skills of the applicants. This enables a comprehensive understanding of each candidate's capabilities for the position.

By using these evaluations in the initial stages of the selection process, the identification of the candidates who best adapt to the requirements of the role is optimized, thus becoming a perfect complement for the initial selection of resumes.

These scientifically based tests eliminate subjective impressions, reducing bias in hiring decisions. They are valuable tools for discovering skills and qualities that may be difficult to perceive in a traditional interview.

The impact of technology on psychometric evaluations

Technology has revolutionized the way psychometric assessments are conducted. The implementation of online platforms to take the tests improves the experience of candidates, who no longer need to travel or adjust to specific schedules for their evaluation.

In addition, technology facilitates the creation of more personalized tests adapted to the needs of each organization, resulting in more effective evaluations. The technological application in these selection methods allows the automation of data analysis, generating objective reports on the capabilities of the applicants that are easy to interpret by the selection staff.

The technology applied to psychometric tests speeds up the selection process, since tests are designed, implemented and evaluated automatically by software. This allows recruiters to focus on making informed decisions and selecting the best candidates.

Hirint maximizes the use of new technologies

Hirint's solution to ensure an efficient and fast personnel selection process involves the use of cutting-edge technologies. Companies can customize psychometric assessments based on the skills and abilities they are looking for in candidates. They perform the tests remotely and the results are available immediately. With Hirint, forming highly effective work teams becomes a simpler and faster process.