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Solving hiring challenges in the retail sector thanks to the evaluation of soft skills

The retail industry faces a highly competitive hiring landscape, where demand for entry-level employees is high, yet candidates expect agile hiring processes. According to various surveys conducted, 78% of companies have difficulty filling vacant positions. In addition, high turnover and lack of alignment between candidate expectations and the reality of the job are common challenges.

Another great challenge in the retail industry is that store managers are often overloaded with tasks and forced to assume recruiting roles, which can generate sloppiness in the selection process on their part, for this reason, treating candidates as customers and offering them an enjoyable experience is crucial to attracting top talent.

Improve your talent decisions more effectively and quickly with solutions that:

Reduction of the
rotation in a 29%

Decrease in the time of
hiring in a 57%

Candidate satisfaction
on a 94%

How Hirint helps the Retail sector

Hirint is presented as a fundamental change in the way the retail sector approaches hiring personnel. Through its advanced soft skills assessment software, Hirint addresses industry challenges as follows:

Speed and efficiency in hiring: Competition is intense and candidates are looking for job security quickly.

Hirint streamlines the selection process, allowing a quick assessment of key soft skills. Candidates see immediate results, improving their experience and encouraging retention of top talent.

Rotation management: High turnover affects stability and operational efficiency.

Hirint helps predict a candidate's suitability for the role, reducing turnover. Matching technology combines data to predict performance, improving retention and fit.

Empowerment of store managers: Store managers are not recruiters and are sometimes overwhelmed.

Hirint provides reports and interview questions by competency before interviews. This allows managers to make informed decisions and simplify selection, reducing errors and saving time.

Improving the Candidate Experience: Long applications can alienate candidates.

Hirint offers simple tests and provides feedback to candidates, improving their perception and commitment to the selection process. The retail industry faces unique hiring challenges due to its competitive nature and high turnover.

Hirint, as a soft skills assessment software, addresses these issues by providing an agile and efficient assessment process, reducing turnover through suitability prediction, empowering managers and improving the candidate experience. With Hirint, retail companies can evaluate and retain the best talent, which translates into a better fit for the position and more committed future employees, improving brand image and success in the market.

Foster stronger and more diverse teams

Discover how Hirint can support you in promoting DEIB initiatives in your organization.

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