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Restaurantingyes and Hotels.

Optimizing Hiring in the Restaurant and Hotel Industry with Hirint.

In the current constantly changing economic landscape, the restaurant and hotel industry is in a phase of continuous adaptation. With the gradual recovery of tourism activity and the relaxation of restrictions, the demand for hospitality services is constantly increasing. 

However, in the midst of this reactivation, notable challenges arise regarding the recruitment and retention of personnel. Recent data indicates that the industry is experiencing a staggering 75% labor turnover rate, while approximately 68% of companies grapple with a shortage of skilled workers, and an estimated 62% grapple with the complexity of work schedules.

Improve your talent decisions more effectively and quickly with solutions that:

Reduction of the
rotation in a 29%

Decrease in the time of
hiring in a 57%

Candidate satisfaction
on a 94%

How Hirint helps the Hospitality industry

Hirint is presented as a fundamental change in the way hospitality companies approach staff recruitment. Through its advanced soft skills assessment software, Hirint addresses industry challenges as follows:

Identification of hidden talents: In a highly competitive market, finding candidates with the right soft skills has become a difficult task.

Hirint offers personalized assessments that identify key soft skills in candidates. This helps recruiters uncover hidden talents that may not have been evident on their resumes, such as empathy, effective communication, and problem solving.

Selection based on the ideal profile: Knowing which profile perfectly suits your company is always a challenge.

By assessing self-confidence and pressure tolerance, Hirint allows employers to identify candidates who are able to navigate irregular schedules and work challenges effectively. This contributes to greater staff satisfaction and retention.

Organizational culture and retention: The lack of long-term committed employees can affect the reputation and quality of establishments.

Hirint evaluations allow you to predict how the future employee's performance and fit with the company will be. This contributes to greater retention, since employees who fit well tend to stay with the company longer.

Professional development: Identifying the future leaders of your organization is not an easy task.

Soft skills assessments provided by Hirint can help identify employees with particular potential for career development and growth. This allows companies to invest in training and developing internal talent.

Reputation improvement: Offering feedback to candidates in a selection process is not always an easy task.

By helping companies build highly competent and committed customer service teams, Hirint can contribute to improving employer branding, generating positive experiences for candidates and future employees.

In conclusion, Hirint stands as a strategic ally for the restaurant and hotel industry by offering specific solutions that address critical staff recruitment and retention challenges. By focusing on soft skills assessment, Hirint not only helps select the right candidates, but also contributes to raising the quality of service and fostering a more stable and satisfying work environment.

Foster stronger and more diverse teams

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