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IT Sector.

Raising hiring in the IT sector with Hirint.

In a business landscape where innovation and technology drive competitiveness, the Information Technology (IT) sector is constantly challenged to ensure that its workforce is made up of individuals with the technical and soft skills necessary to succeed in an evolving environment. 

As organizations look to stay ahead in the industry, hiring IT professionals with the right skills has become crucial to business success. According to various surveys:

  • The 63% of IT companies report difficulties in finding candidates with the necessary skills.
  • The turnover rate in the IT industry has increased by 13.2% in the last two years.

Improve your talent decisions more effectively and quickly with solutions that:

Reduction of the
rotation in a 29%

Decrease in the time of
hiring in a 57%

Candidate satisfaction
on a 94%

How Hirint helps the IT sector

Hirint is presented as a fundamental change in the way companies in the IT sector approach hiring personnel. Through its advanced soft skills assessment software, Hirint addresses industry challenges as follows:

Skill Shortages: Finding candidates who possess relevant soft skills is a constant challenge.

Hirint provides comprehensive assessments that measure the soft skills most in demand in today's job market, offering a more complete picture of the candidate.

Accurate Evaluation: Accurately and objectively assessing soft skills can be complicated, leading to potential wrong hires.

Hirint provides a reliable and bias-free 100% platform that allows you to evaluate candidates and understand them even more, helping recruiters to improve hires.

Soft Skills Detection: Forming perfectly cohesive and collaborative teams is always a challenge.

Hirint helps identify candidates with soft skills, such as teamwork, communication and problem solving, which are essential for success in collaborative projects.

Talent Retention: The high staff turnover rate in the IT sector increases replacement costs and affects project continuity.

Hirint allows you to identify the correct candidate for each position, through the evaluation of soft skills, this will help the candidate's satisfaction and consequently reduce staff turnover and its associated costs. 

Hirint has become a fundamental solution for IT companies seeking to address current hiring challenges, enabling the formation of highly competent, adaptive and collaborative teams that drive innovation and growth in a constantly evolving technological environment.

Foster stronger and more diverse teams

Discover how Hirint can support you in promoting DEIB initiatives in your organization.

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