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Optimizing Hiring and Performance through Soft Skills Assessment. The Challenges of Hiring in the Call Center and BPO Sector

Currently, the call center and BPO industry is in a constant state of evolution, driven by technological advances and a growing demand for customer service and business process outsourcing, however, this evolution represents unique challenges in the recruitment and retention of personnel. 

According to recent data, the call center and BPO sector faces a staff turnover rate of around 38%, in addition, the loss of an employee represents between 30% and 50% more than the employee's salary.

Improve your talent decisions more effectively and quickly with solutions that:

Reduction of the
rotation in a 29%

Decrease in the time of
hiring in a 57%

Candidate satisfaction
on a 94%

How Hirint helps the BPO industry

Hirint is presented as a fundamental change in the way call center and BPO companies approach recruiting staff. Through its advanced soft skills assessment software, Hirint addresses industry challenges as follows:

Selection Based on Soft Skills: Identifying skills quickly and reliably is not always a simple task.

Hirint allows companies to identify candidates with the necessary skills to facilitate hiring in the call center and BPO industry. Assessing competencies such as empathy, problem solving, and effective communication ensures a better fit between candidates and the requirements for these companies.

Personalized Training and Development: The analysis of competencies and the creation of career plans is always a plus.

By analyzing soft skills assessments, Hirint can help create personalized development plans for each employee. This encourages continued growth and improvement of skills that are critical to success in the industry.

Reduction of Personnel Turnover:  High employee turnover remains one of the most significant problems in the industry.

Identifying employees with skills such as results orientation and tolerance for pressure through Hirint can help companies retain their staff for the long term, thereby reducing the costs associated with turnover.

Improving the Quality of Customer Service: Finding and selecting candidates with the necessary skills is a constant challenge.

Hirint ensures that employees have the required and necessary customer orientation skills to provide exceptional customer service, which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

In a competitive market where service quality and employee retention are crucial, Hirint stands as an essential tool to transform staff recruitment, development and performance in the call center and BPO industry. By addressing the key challenges facing this sector, Hirint drives positive and sustainable change in the way companies recruit, develop and retain their human talent.

Foster stronger and more diverse teams

Discover how Hirint can support you in promoting DEIB initiatives in your organization.

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