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The main objective of any selection process is to hire the best possible candidate. An effective process will lead the company to select the best among the best. These ideal employees are commonly known as "top performers."

The "top performers" are those employees who stand out, not only for meeting expectations, but for exceeding them. Some studies indicate that they can be up to 85% more productive than average (Font). 

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“ Hiring the best employees is a complex process, but it is worth it”

The positive impact of these ideal employees is decisive. Therefore, it is very important to internalize some of the key aspects, so that any selection process allows the best candidates to be identified.

1. Analyze the best existing employees in the company to get the top performers

To get hold of the best candidates, the company must be clear about the profile that they must meet. To do this, it is necessary to start with an analysis of the best employees that the company already has.

From this observation, the company can determine what standards future employees should meet. Similarly, it is a useful tool to identify which work teams can be strengthened, or which are far from the necessary levels. 

Questions like: what skills and competencies characterize the best employees? or what aspects differentiate them from the average? They are useful for this analysis.

2. Identify the key characteristics of the best employees in the company

There are a number of common skills and competencies that are directly related to the performance of ideal workers. 

Although some depend specifically on each specific position (hard skills), many others are generic patterns to the good performance of these top employees (soft skills). Such as:

  • Planification and organization.
  • Orientation to quality and results.
  • Leadership and decision-making capacity.
  • Projection to professional and personal growth.
  • Good communication and responsive attitude. 
  • Teamwork.
  • Quick adaptation to changes and anticipation of unforeseen events. 

3. Clearly incorporate these skills into job descriptions to land top performers

The description of the job offer is the first tool for attracting the best candidates. It is very important that you include precisely, not only the specific skills for the position, but also the rest of the personal skills that are desired.

Special attention must be paid to the communication parameters used in the description. The result must be clear and understandable by the candidates to whom it is addressed. 

4. Evaluate and check the skills of employees to get top performers

An optimal selection process must have tools that allow you to evaluate and confirm that the skills mentioned correspond to practice. While it is true that hard or technical skills are easier to measure, the same is not true for soft skills. 

However, soft skills or "soft skills" are a determining aspect when selecting the best candidates. Most recruiters consider that almost 90% of the employees who fail in their position do so due to factors directly related to skills. 

Therefore, measuring these competencies before hiring potential candidates is crucial for any company. At Hirint we help you incorporate these variables into your selection processes that will ensure you can reach and select these "top performers" or ideal candidates.

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