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The Remote Work Revolution: How to Hire and Manage Virtual Teams

Welcome to an event that will transform your view on remote work! Hosted by Hirint and Teamtailor, two leaders in talent management solutions, this webinar addresses a crucial topic in today's world of work: the remote work revolution.

Javier Cañizares, founder of Hirint, an intelligent evaluation and selection platform that facilitates the filtering and classification of candidates according to their suitability for a specific vacancy, and two talent acquisition experts, Carla Rivas and Sebastián Hoyos, will guide you through best practices and challenges of hiring and managing virtual teams. Carla Rivas, talent acquisition coordinator at a major tech company, will share her vast experience in recruiting in the technology and commercial sector. For his part, Sebastián Hoyos, talent acquisition leader for LATAM at Nokia, will provide his perspective on the advantages and challenges of remote work from a business point of view.

Discover how the flexibility and accessibility of working from home benefits both employees and employers. Learn about government regulations that affect the operation of physical offices and how companies are adapting their policies to provide a healthier, more productive work environment. Additionally, the challenges of remote management, such as the time difference and work-life balance, will be explored.

The webinar also addresses critical topics such as mental health in remote work and offers recommendations for both employees and employers. Discover how to maintain a healthy relationship with work and ensure the well-being of all employees, even in a virtual environment.

Don't miss this opportunity to get valuable information and practical tips on managing virtual teams. Join us and transform your approach to remote work. We will wait for you!

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