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The Gender Gap and Technology in HR: Strategies for Equity

Welcome to our webinar on the gender gap and technology in Human Resources! In this space, we explore a persistent reality at a global level: the underrepresentation of women in STEM careers, their limited access to leadership roles in technology companies, and the salary inequality they face.

This webinar is organized by Hirint, a leading skills testing evaluation platform through Big Data and artificial intelligence that helps you identify talent in various industries.

We have the participation of Cristina Marcos de la Mata Head of Sales at Hirint, Carolina López, diversity expert and leader in inclusion in the technological field, along with Mariana Fernanda, specialist in talent development and gender equality. Both will share their insights and experiences on how to overcome current barriers and promote a more inclusive organizational culture.

Our experts discuss the shared responsibility of facing these challenges from two fundamental levers: the organization, where those of us who participate assume great responsibility for change, and society in general, where we must generate movements that spread.

Before we delve deeper, let's contextualize: the underrepresentation of women in university technology careers remains a persistent problem. Although there has been progress, we still face a historical legacy. It is essential to raise awareness and catalyze concrete changes.

Organizational culture and educational influences play crucial roles. From how we raise and educate to gender expectations at work, we all have a responsibility in training future generations of professionals.

We explore the specific challenges women face when moving up the career ladder, from motherhood to integrating into technologically demanding roles. How can we balance these demands with our professional career?

Strategies are presented to foster a more inclusive and equitable environment in HR, from implementing blind resumes to promoting an internal culture that values diversity and inclusion.

Hallway conversations and daily decisions also influence gender equality in the workplace. It is crucial to expand awareness and create environments where all talents can thrive.

This webinar is a call to action to transform the world of work. By addressing the gender gap in a multifocal way and staying active in continuous training, we can achieve significant change for future generations.

Join us at Hirint to be part of the shift toward greater equity and diversity in HR. Together, we can build a future where inclusion is the norm and diversity is celebrated in all dimensions of work life.

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