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MBI Talent Group Success Story

MBI Talent Group is a global top-level executive recruitment firm with a cutting-edge and innovative methodology. Take advantage of the latest technological advances to deliver profitability, punctuality, and, most importantly, exceptional quality and service. Its proprietary methodology is the result of extensive experience recruiting executives, both in international talent companies and in the corporate sector. In addition to recruitment services, MBI Talent Group offers a range of consulting services, including Technology Recruitment, Outplacement, Talent Mapping and Training. a very bad thing.

The problem

As a fast-growing start-up, MBI Talent Group needed a tool that would provide a comprehensive understanding of candidate profiles and skills, backed by objective data. It was crucial to have a platform that could adapt to their specific needs to offer an efficient process for both candidates and the company. In internal hiring processes, they wanted to eliminate any potential bias and ensure the best fit for the role and organization.

The decision

Starting in 2022, MBI Talent Group decided to offer Hirint to its clients as an additional service in Executive Search processes. They tailored the Hirint implementation to the specific needs of each client, using the platform's reports to provide necessary information to HR Directors and decision makers. This included interview reports and soft skills, useful for initial pre-selection and for breaking ties between finalist candidates.

After Using Hirint

In the talent mapping processes, Hirint made it possible to evaluate numerous profiles in a short period of time, offering a fast service adapted to the needs of clients. During internal hiring processes, candidates completed the assessment before their first interview, ensuring decisions based on objective data.


Hirint provided valuable insights into candidates' soft skills, optimizing competency-based interviews. The 90% candidates were grateful to receive a summary of their assessment, highlighting the added value to the employer brand and the minimum time required to complete the assessment. In a recent hiring process for a “Billing and Collections Financial Consultant” position, the finalist candidate showed results aligned with the conclusions of the competency interview, confirming her suitability for the position. In terms of talent development, Hirint has been instrumental in conducting assessments, identifying strengths and areas for improvement, and facilitating the team's career plans. The simple configuration of the platform has been an important advantage in this regard.

Salvador Morales Jaramillo

CEO & Founder at MBI Talent Group