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soft skills assessment platform

Jobs success story

Jobs is a proudly Paraguayan network of companies, with a vast history in the Human Resources sector that was founded more than 27 years ago. From the foundation until today we have 10 business units in different areas, but always having the person as the center of our activities. The services focus on the development of people, organizations and their brands.

Since our creation we have incorporated international class practices, betting on people as the best engine for the development of the country.

Problem: What was the process like before using Hirint?

Our experience with Hirint has been extraordinary. In our commitment to provide solutions adapted to the needs of each client company, we have become their strategic allies. We recognize the importance of personalizing and humanizing experiences for both applicants and companies, even when handling high volumes of applications, and to achieve this, we rely on high-impact technological elements.

By implementing this platform, we have managed to manage projects with more than 11,000 applicants evaluated simultaneously. The most outstanding thing is that all the candidates have been evaluated on equal terms and have had the opportunity to be part of the selection process from the beginning, without exceptions. Thanks to Hirint, we have been able to find out the level of skills of each of them, even before the first job interview, which has allowed us to obtain a ranking of those who best fit the ideal profile. This has resulted in a significant optimization of time in the entire process.

The decision

Focusing on the needs of our clients and the experience that we want our applicants to live, we evaluated the tool and found it easy and intuitive, with a simple and concrete way of interpreting the results and above all that it allows us to customize the levels of demand to the time to evaluate each type of profile.

The descriptions are oriented to behavioral factors and when evaluating competencies we can infer the degree of success that a person could have in the face of the demands of a task or job position. All this made us inclined to use this platform and today we have objective evaluations and according to the needs of our clients.

After using Hirint

Our selection processes focus on comprehensively evaluating the person, observing their skills, abilities and attitudes for work. Hirint allows us to expand the information with which we can make the match between what was observed in an interview by competencies Vs. what was scored in the test and lead this to a final analysis or conclusion. In this way, our clients have precise information available about the strengths and areas of opportunity of the applicants and this allows them to generate in advance a pool of questions about aspects that they would like to investigate better in an interview.

With all this we can provide a personalized experience to everyone involved in the selection process. We value each applicant as a unique individual and seek to maximize their chances of success by introducing them to the right companies. At the same time, we strive to help companies optimize their resources, reduce costs and save valuable time.

Benefits of using Hirint

We appreciate the adaptable language it has for the applicant who performs the evaluations and also for the client who receives and interprets the results. It allows us to generate value in the experience of the applicant who receives a summary of their results and can thus know their areas of strength and improvement.

The technical assistance we receive from Hirint professionals who are with us at all times and respond immediately to our needs as customers.

Maria Lis Prieto
 Talent Specialist at Jobs