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How to create a recruitment strategy?

TAll processes in the company must have a strategic nature. That is, they must be well planned and oriented towards the achievement of the purposes pursued by the corporation. This, of course, also affects recruitment strategies.

Employees are one of the most important assets in any business. Without them it is not possible to achieve the goals. Hence the need to have a well-trained human team. But how to find it? The key is in the personnel selection process.

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What are recruitment strategies and what is their real importance?

It is a plan put in place by the employer with the purpose of attract talent and integrate it into their work teams

For the company, having good employees has important advantages at different levels:

  • Reduce churn rate. This helps reduce costs and allows each worker to focus exclusively on their tasks, because they do not have to worry about doing extra work from a position that is not filled.
  • Increases employee morale. If workers feel comfortable in their position, they will be much more motivated and will work better.
  • It is easier to attract talent. When a work team works like a perfect gear, the employees themselves become ambassadors of the company's brand. Thus, it is easier for this to continue attracting quality talent.

If the recruitment process is well designed and implemented, it will derive benefits for both the organization itself and its employees. Let's see how you can create an effective strategy.

How to design strategies for staff recruitment?

The plan is a strategy that covers different issues related to the integration of new members in the work team.

It defines the objectives pursued with recruitment, but there are also issues related to personnel planning, the profile of the ideal candidates is collected, the marketing that is going to be done to attract talent, the tools and technology to apply, the budget available for recruitment and, of course, the process of selecting employees and joining the company.

Define the objectives

The first step in all strategic planning is to make a good definition of the objectives. Because we can never achieve good results if we do not know exactly where we are going.

Every company is different and has its own goals. However, there are a series of objectives that are common to practically all selection processes. For example, gradually growing the workforce, increasing diversity, involving middle managers in the hiring process, or achieving a faster recruitment process.

Once we are clear about the goals we are looking for, we can start designing strategies to help us achieve them.

Determine recruitment needs as a way to design strategies for staff recruitment

The company must think for the future. As much as possible, you have to try predict what your hiring needs will be in the next 12 months. To do this, it will take into account issues such as retirements that are yet to come, possible dismissals, etc.

Without forgetting that many times the hiring need arises spontaneously. For example, if a worker communicates that he leaves voluntarily.

In any case, once the hiring need arises, or when it is foreseeable that it will appear, the first thing to do is to determine what the company can offer in terms of contract and salary.

Job definition

Before starting the search for the ideal candidate, it is necessary to be very clear about the characteristics of the position to be filled and What skills and abilities does the person who is going to occupy it need?. Only in this way can we achieve a good adaptation between the vacancy and the new employee.

At this point it is also important to review the value proposition that the company offers to candidates. Beyond a certain type of contract and a salary, what can you offer that is really useful to attract talent?

Concretion of the budget as a way of designing strategies for the recruitment of personnel

When it is clear what is needed and what is to be offered, there are still a few more steps to take before you start looking for candidates. In this sense, resources are essential.

The personnel in charge of the selection must be clear at all times about the budget available to them. This will condition issues such as the sources to which they will go to look for talent, so the recruiter must know in advance how much money the company is willing to spend on the recruitment process.

The resources used in recruitment are not only economic. It is important to define in advance the tools and technologies to be applied. Because these can increase or decrease the necessary budget.

Choosing recruitment sources as a way to design strategies for staff recruitment

It's time to start looking for candidates. The key to success is choosing the fonts used well. What interests us is find niche talented candidates.

For this reason, the channels used can vary substantially depending on the professional profile we are looking for. Also It must be assessed that the ideal candidate to fill the vacancy could already be working in the company, so it does not hurt to resort to internal recruitment if it is considered necessary.

Attracting the best talent is not always easy, even if we are looking in the right channels. The company's ability to attract the best candidates depends very much on that value proposition that we have referred to earlier.

In this sense, promote employer branding can be a very good idea. The objective is to improve the company's image as an employer. Make it a place where people want to work.

For this, there is no better tool than word of mouth from the employees themselves. If the members of the staff feel comfortable with their work and in the organization, they will not hesitate to speak well of it. This works as a powerful magnet to attract talented people willing to work for the company.

Make a good job offer

The good image that the company has as an employer is of no use if the job offer that is made public is not well prepared.

It must be formulated in such a way that answer the basic questions that a candidate may have. Beyond hard skills, it is also interesting that the company communicates what kind of soft skills are important for the open position. Of course, you should also talk about the basic working conditions offered. 

The goal is that, when you finish reading the ad, the candidate can visualize himself working in the company and assess if he really fits the profile and if the company offers him what he is looking for.

Establish the flow of the process as a way to design strategies for the recruitment of personnel

Many selection processes focus on a first phase of curriculum screening and a second of personal interviews. But this is not always effective, because each selection is different.

Hence the importance of defining the process flow. The recruiter must be clear what are the steps in the selection process and what assessment tests will be carried out in each of them.

As an example, you have to establish the filters that are going to be applied to the resumes to do the first screening. Define the type of interview to be carried out (a small script can be drawn up with the key questions), the type of psychometric tests to be carried out, etc.

Decision making phase

One of the last steps to define within the recruitment strategy is decision making. Who will choose the candidate who will occupy the position? Will it be the person in charge of Human Resources, the director of the company, the head of the department that has the vacancy available?

In addition to determining who is the person with decision-making power, it is important to establish what information will be used for it. For example, if the personnel in charge of the recruitment process must present a summary report, if there will be a meeting, or if, directly, all the tests carried out on the candidates considered most suitable will be presented to the person who must decide. 

Since the decision is usually made by someone who has not been in direct contact with the candidates, it is necessary to be able to convey to that person, in the best possible way, the truly relevant information for you to make a good choice.

Incorporation phase as a way to design strategies for personnel recruitment

Human Resources management has changed over time. Most companies no longer end the selection process when hiring takes place.

The process of incorporation and adaptation (onboarding) of the new employee to the company is part of the recruitment strategy and, as such, must be defined within the action plan.

Because a good adaptation between the company and the candidate depends on the employment relationship being maintained over time. 

A quality recruitment strategy includes all the steps to be taken from the moment the need for hiring is detected until the new employee is already working. But it doesn't end here. You must also provide a results evaluation process. Because, through it, we can know the inefficiencies and work on them. If we do so, the selection process will become more and more effective.

Hirint intelligent evaluation and selection platform, is integrated into any part of the selection process, thus achieving that you can learn more about the candidates either, in the first part of the process and carrying out an initial screening, in the middle to learn more about candidates for the future interview or at the end to make a better decision on the right candidate. Book a meeting with us HERE

Table of Contents

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