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End of the home office and start of new strategies for the teams

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ANDIn today's post-pandemic era, companies offer more non-remunerated compensation than before. Such as the home office, training, creation of new strategies and flexibility for your teams.


The decrease in Covid cases and the progressive opening of activities. All this leads organizations to analyze what will be those organizational aspects that emerged as an exception during the pandemic and that will remain, at least, in the medium and long term.


In terms of human capital. The benefits offered to our employees are one of the topics where it is possible to see a significant number of changes. Between what was there until March 2020 and what is happening today.


Strategies and flexibility for teams

According to a study before the pandemic, the 43% of companies had a benefits strategy aimed at complementing salaries, the 39% at retaining talent within the company, and the 35% at attracting some profiles in particular.


In this sense, the sectors most used to implement this strategy were focused on offering a prepayment. Facilitate professional training through training and have flexible hours. We already know that the pandemic modified the strategy and the areas used to carry it out.


Now the greatest concern is focused on the collaborators, so that they can achieve a better balance between their personal occupations and employment. This explains why flexible working hours concentrates the preference of more than half of the companies. And that the home office appears as a benefit among eight out of ten companies.


Driven by changes in the labor market, between 70% and 80% of companies had to modify their profit strategies. Where the main role within those that offer services went from being that of attracting employees to retaining them. While among the companies that offer products, it went from supplementing salaries to balancing work life with personal life.


It is anticipated that it may be possible for the earnings propositions to tweak a bit again with the return to normalcy. In order to adjust to the new reality, but some elements such as flexibility and the home office will remain a differential element for many organizations.


During the pandemic, many companies are launching new ideas for non-monetary benefits that are appreciated by workers. Over time, it will be seen what is most convenient for workers and companies.

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