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Industry: Recruitment consultancy

About the company: Touch in Touch is a company dedicated to scout candidates. They focus on the recruitment and search of professionals for companies. Their main objective is to scan the market to find the best candidate in much less time than usual and with excellent quality.

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Start point

Touch in Touch is a consultancy that looks for people to join companies, but it does it in a totally different way. For them, the most important thing is the simplification of the selection process, pragmatism, clarity, transparency and, of course, reliability. 

Your clients can choose, each time, the stage of the selection process they need. They were looking for a platform that could offer them more information about the candidates and thus continue with that reliability and transparency that they offer. 

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The decision

After having tried Hirint, they decided to contract the platform for the benefits it brought them, saving time, improving the candidate experience, and providing complete information on their candidates when the client requests it...

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The result

According to Elena de Salamanca, using Hirint has helped them evaluate the right candidates for the position and the company, in addition to saving them time and money, as well as being able to offer their clients that extra information about the candidate that they sometimes demand.

What does Hirint's Touch in Touch value the most?

For Touch in Touch, a great added value is the candidate experience offered by the tool, including notifications via whatsapp. Likewise, they highly value the pragmatism of the tool and the flexibility with which it allows making the combinations of skills that are needed for each profile.