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Industry: Organized Restoration

Pizzerías Carlos was born in 2009 in the midst of an economic recession and with the motto “The pizza you remembered”, seeking to recover the essence of this star product.

During these 13 years it has not stopped growing, becoming a consolidated restaurant chain that today has more than 75 restaurants throughout Spain. Its current stage is marked by an ambitious expansion process at a national and international level.

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Start point

Pizzeria Carlos belongs to the organized restaurant sector and currently has more than 1,800 employees. The unstoppable search for personnel and the possibility of development within the Company have been the keys to having committed people who share the values transmitted by the Company: Constancy, Effort and Illusion. 

Like many companies in the sector, Pizzerías Carlos faces various challenges every day in the Personnel Selection area:

The HR Department, due to the current expansion process, is immersed in selection processes in which all registered CVs go through a first initial screening, a second telephone interview and, finally, a face-to-face interview. 

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The decision

Pizzerías Carlos decides to contact Hirint in order to professionalize their selection processes. They were looking for a competency study of the candidates that was scientifically backed and that, ultimately, would become an important support tool in interviews when making decisions. 

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The result

The implementation of Hirint as a main tool has allowed Pizzerias Carlos to save time in the selection process and to hire the most suitable profiles for the Company, allowing it to obtain a global image of all its candidates prior to their incorporation.

What do Carlos de Hirint Pizzerias value most?

According to Begoña Ojeda, what they value most about Hirint is the ease of the platform and all the help it offers them when carrying out selection processes, since the restaurant sector is very competitive and finding the best talent is the key. of success to continue growing