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Finding the right person for a specific position is a major challenge for the company. For this reason, the objective is not only to select the ideal candidate, but to do so through a selection process that, in terms of money and time, is efficient.

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How to find the ideal candidate?

A key premise to find something is knowing exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, in order to find the best candidate, we must start from a clear definition of their profile. 

The candidate's profile refers to the set of characteristics and personality traits that the candidate must fulfill according to a specific job. In addition, it collects communication skills and the level of motivation.

Some of the most important steps to be followed by the company when preparing the profile of the ideal candidate are the following:

1. Definition of tasks and responsibilities

It is about identifying, in a clear and delimited way, the different tasks to be carried out by the selected employee. In the same way, the rank or level of responsibility that corresponds to him must be specified. 

What are the tasks and objectives of the day to day? What skills are necessary for its development? What will be your position in the department? These are some of the questions to consider.

2. Company culture and vision to find the ideal candidate

When defining the candidate's profile, it is very important to take into account the values that define the company. The ideal person must act in the same line. 

Considering these factors means taking into account the most personal side of the candidate. Therefore, you can ask yourself the following questions. What type of person is a personal fit for the company? What can add value to the company? What personal characteristics are key to achieving the company's objectives? These are some of the questions to consider.

3. Learn from your best employees

Taking into account the best workers who are already part of the company can be very useful to define the profile of the ideal candidate. It is about insisting on what works and on what is good that the company already has.

For this it is important to look at the skills of the best employees. What characteristics have allowed them to stand out and achieve success in the organization.

4. Define hard and soft skills to find the ideal candidate

Recognizing and identifying the necessary skills that the ideal candidate must meet is a key factor in defining their profile. We can distinguish two groups of skills:

On the one hand, soft skills. It is the personal attributes that determine overall success at work. Among the most outstanding are: leadership, communication, teamwork, results orientation and problem solving. 

On the other hand, hard skills, also called technical skills, are those specific to a particular position. The management of certain languages, computer programs or certain platforms, are some of the most common.

5. Bring the candidate profile to life

Once all the information related to the candidate profile that is required has been collected and defined, it is time to integrate it into a clear and convincing job description. 

The description of a job offer must strictly follow some guidelines of objectivity and clarity. For this reason, all the aspects mentioned, which define the ideal candidate, must be collected in an inclusive and detailed manner. 

Finally, we cannot forget that this definition must also be striking, and pay special attention to the language in which it is presented. Since it will serve to attract the best candidates.

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