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Smart Working and the path to success in reconciling work and family

HTalking about conciliation is the order of the day, after the crisis caused by COVID-19, confinement and a slight rise in the birth rate. On the table are the numerous difficulties that many people have to achieve a balance between their family and work life and how smart working has been a relief for them.

The management of human capital in these complex times has had to adapt to the new circumstances with the greatest agility. The road to a good reconciliation between work and family life for companies is based on the flexibility, well-being and technology, the 3 pillars of Smart Workingthe new work trend.

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What is work and family reconciliation related to Smart Working?

We are talking about optimal reconciliation between work and personal life when working people can successfully reconcile their professional facet with their personal one in the broadest sense. This includes covering family, personal and individual needs.

A recent study reveals that currently conciliation plays a fundamental role when changing jobs. According to the data worked by the consultant nexian, the 44.5% of those surveyed stated that combining the different habits of their lives (work, family, personal) is an essential factor to feel motivated in the performance of their work.

In addition, the measures to reconcile work and personal life are considered as emotional salary of the employees. It is the non-monetary remuneration that the company offers to workers to promote their development and psychological well-being. Nurturing the employment relationship.

The importance of conciliation for well-being and labor equality

Work well-being has become a priority for companies. According to a study carried out by the National Institute of Statistics of Spain, almost a 45% of workers and employers regularly experience stress at work.

Controlling and reducing these figures implies a big step for the company itself and its relationship with the worker. This has repercussions both in economic terms and in the connection between the two.

As numerous studies have shown, employee engagement and satisfaction increase when their needs are met. To balance professional life with personal derived from a good conciliation.

With the welfare of the employee, in addition, increases your efficiency, productivity in tasks and improves your relationship with the company. On the contrary, a bad situation increases stress, frustration, inequality and the search for a new job.

Real data

Since 2019, Spain has had regulations to regulate and promote work and family reconciliation (Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, of March 1) in order to eliminate the salary gap, offering the necessary measures to guarantee equal treatment and of opportunities between women and men.

In the family sphere, the progressive increase in the number of weeks of paternity leave in recent years in Spain, to equal 16 weeks of maternity leave, and the regulation of measures that promote conciliation, has strengthened this trend towards conciliation , which still has a long way to go.

Despite the progress, the latest official data on conciliation in Spain, published at the end of 2020 by the Ministry of Equality, shows that 94% of the workers who requested reductions in working hours to face the care of children or the elderly were women, falling on them the weight of household chores.

The family organization model based on co-responsibility between women and men for family and domestic tasks is the desired destination. To reach it, the collaboration of companies is drawn as the best of impulses.

Smartworking: Technology at the service of flexibility 

Technology has played a fundamental role in adapting to the new normal. The smart working It is a business organization trend that consists of taking advantage of the possibilities that technology offers us when it comes to promoting work-life balance. It is about developing a new way of working, which helps employees find that perfect combination between work and personal life.

The flexibility, the telecommuting and the technology These are the three pillars of this new trend, whose fundamental principle is trust in the employee. The companies that are already carrying out these work plans make available to their staff all the digital tools necessary to carry out the work from anywhere and at any time.

This new awareness of the different realities that coexist in the same company in addition to favoring conciliation. It boosts productivity, motivation and fosters corporate culture.

What measures can companies implement to promote work-life balance and Smart Working?

Offer a flexible schedule, the possibility of teleworking or the regulation of the average salary to avoid discrimination by sex. These are some of the measures that promote well-being and balance between work and personal life.

Fostering a corporate culture of flexibility helps to strengthen ties with employees and improves their well-being. These are the proposals:

Telematic work, a pillar of Smart Working 

After a year where teleworking has become a necessity that has saved millions of companies. New dynamics, tools and technology that make remote work an effective modality that facilitates the balance between the personal and work environment.

Advice on paternity and maternity leave.

Have an optimal HR service specializing in advising on paternity and maternity leave.

nursery service.

Large companies increasingly have private spaces to welcome the children of their employees. A social benefit that facilitates work-life balance, considerably improves employee motivation and helps reduce absenteeism.

Health insurance for employees and family members.

Medical insurance is the social benefit most valued by employees. Since it represents a saving in time and procedures that influences the increase in productivity.

Facilities for the intensive day.  

Flexibility when carrying out the working day is a way that is more compatible with the rest of the obligations without resorting to reducing the working day. Having an entry and exit time slot or concentrating the day in the time band from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. is one more step towards conciliation.

Benefits of contributing to conciliation for companies and Smart Working

Reconciliation, in addition to contributing to a more egalitarian society. It is also beneficial for the strategy of companies in making the most of their social and human capital, and in achieving profits.

Companies that favor conciliation have:

A motivated and satisfied workforce.

When employees feel their needs are met, the work environment improves exponentially and team productivity increases.

Retention and attraction of the best talent.

Greater employee satisfaction makes it easier for professional talent already trained with all the knowledge of the company to remain in their position and act as a claim to other qualified profiles.

Reduction of absenteeism rates and staff turnover.

A good conciliation policy allows savings in personnel costs by reducing the costs of recruitment or training processes. Thanks to employee satisfaction.

A good external reputation.

The best image of a company is the happiness of its employees, which influences the prestige of the company and is more attractive for obtaining new clients.

Improvement in the management of human resources.

By reducing internal labor conflicts derived from stress or frustration, it improves the work environment, increases performance and time management and planning.

The HR department plays a fundamental role in promoting family and personal reconciliation. Designing new work development plans and implementing measures for conciliation is the direction that companies must take to achieve a good work and family conciliation.

The experience of recent months has shown that, with the help of technology, the hybrid or telecommuting model has become a highly beneficial response for employees' family and personal reconciliation.

From the human capital management area, the different physical and psychological needs of the team must be known and attended to wherever they are. Since this will affect the general well-being.

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