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Preparing an adequate selection plan is, without a doubt, a crucial objective for any company, since it is necessary to know how your team will grow over time; in other words, who to hire and when.

For this reason, a strategic selection plan will not only help us fill current vacancies, but will also help us avoid making bad selection decisions and ensure the present and future activity of the company.

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In a highly competitive environment, in which technological development is unstoppable and with such a dynamic labor market, finding the best talent has become a key factor.

Therefore, the question we must ask ourselves is:  What steps should I follow when developing a good people selection plan?

For the correct development of a selection plan, a series of steps must be followed, aimed at making the best decisions with which to attract and select the best talent.

Steps to follow to build an adequate selection plan

1. Analyze and identify recruitment needs

The first step in creating a recruitment plan is to identify current and future hiring needs. To do this, we must consider the following:

  • Analyze the present and future growth of your company.
  • Determine the present and future roles necessary to achieve them.
  • Define the necessary skills and competencies.
  • Anticipate possible rotations and promotions

2. Create a hiring plan and a calendar according to it for the selection plan

This will help you anticipate future needs in time and thus prepare for them. With this information, you can build a complete selection schedule for the year.

This should include the positions you will need to hire for each quarter, and a hiring timeline for when each round of evaluation and interviews will begin.

3. Prepare a budget with which to undertake the plan

Some of the common costs in the selection processes are:

  • Publication of offers in employment portals and social networks.
  • Job fairs.
  • Contracting of technological tools
  • Internal salaries and benefits of those involved.

For this reason, it is necessary to create a detailed financial plan that helps us to correctly manage the costs associated with the hiring of personnel.

4. Defines the ideal profile sought for the selection plan

What are the characteristics and skills that candidates should have? What will be your daily responsibilities? And your goals?

This definition must be clear and direct to ensure that you are all aligned and thus avoid disappointments in the short/medium term.

5. Design a compelling job description

To attract the best candidates, you must design a clear and compelling job description. Even so, this is not a simple list of specific job requirements and expectations, as the best candidates also want to know what the company can offer them.

To do this, write attractive job descriptions that reveal information about the mission and the values of the company.

6. Formalize the job offer for the selection plan

Once the candidate has been chosen, acceptance of the contractual conditions of the job offer must be formalized in writing.

It is important to establish the steps to follow once the job offer is accepted. A key aspect for the experience and motivation of the worker. For example: who will take care of their entry, training and inclusion, etc.

7. Analyze the selection plan

We cannot forget to analyze and check the selection process that has been carried out. Therefore, we must identify the positive aspects and those that must be improved or changed.

This self-analysis will determine the construction of company values focused on success, not only in the area of human resources, but throughout the business.

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