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5 keys to have a TOP candidate experience

Reputation matters, and a lot, this is something that companies have learned in recent years. The image they project to the outside influences whether they are able to sell more or less, but the truth is that it also generates effects in other areas, such as the attractiveness they project as a place to work. A good way to get this reputation is good, is guarantee the candidate experience.

We have previously seen how the candidate experience in the worker selection process, making it faster and more agile. Now is the time to examine what we can do so that the feelings that someone who has been part of a recruitment process gets are as positive as possible.

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Why do we care that someone who is not going to work for us gets a good impression? Because people talk, and it is word of mouth that creates the company's reputation. If someone has not been selected, but has been happy with the treatment received by the organization throughout the recruitment process, will speak well of the company. This can make talented people interested in future selection processes and want to participate in them.

On the contrary, if the experience has been negative, that candidate will not give good references to the organization. This will cause the people you talk to about this topic to have no interest in working for our company. The conclusion is simple: companies must do everything on their part to ensure that the experience of candidates throughout the recruitment process is positive. This is the best way to build a good reputation and attract more talent to fill vacant positions.

Without further ado, we are going to see in detail five measures that can be put in place for a TOP candidate experience and unite your reputation and the candidate experience.

Keep corporate social networks up to date to unite reputation and experience of the candidate

When a person considers applying for a job, they are interested in knowing many things about the company that offers it. Apart from basic issues such as salary, hours, or the characteristics of the job, the applicant wants to know more about that corporation. Be aware of their culture and values, to see if you could fit in.

It is common for applicants to conduct an online search regarding those companies in which they wish to work. Finding out about them helps them to know if it really is a place where they would like to develop their career.

In order to cover this need for information, it is good that the corporate website is always updatedBut you have to go a little further. Because the number of people looking for information about organizations that offer employment in the social networks themselves has grown.

In order for the candidate experience to be positive from minute one, companies must take care of provide as much information as possible about themselves. The corporate social networks They are the best channel to do it.

Candidate feeling

How will someone thinking of submitting their resume for a job feel if they see that the company's LinkedIn profile is empty or hasn't been updated for months? They will think that it is an organization that does not care about the image it projects, or that it is totally out of the digital environment. In any case, what is clear is that this conveys a bad image and can cause the applicant to “back out” when applying for the position.

The key to improving the experience is use corporate social networks in a dynamic and intelligent way. Take advantage of this means of communication to transmit the mission and values of the business, trying to generate feeling between the company and job seekers.

Make clear and consistent job offers

Job offers that are rather opaque are the order of the day, and candidates are tired of being subjected to selection processes in which secrecy seems to be the general trend. Applicants go through phases and phases and do not get much information on basic aspects such as the type of workday offered, the salary, the possibilities of professional development, or the specific tasks that they will have to assume in case of getting the position.

This makes the candidate experience very negative.. If they are not told from the outset what is offered and what they are looking for, there is a risk that the applicant is embarking on a selection process that will be a real waste of time for them. The work that awaits at the end of it is not in your interest.

The good thing about this problem is that it is easily solvable. Is about act and communicate with transparency, consistency and honesty from the beginning.

how to achieve it

To achieve this, the company has to first define the ideal candidate profile for the vacant position, so the recruiters will know exactly what to look for. When this phase is ready, you can move on to the next one, which is the preparation of the job offer.

Without being too extensive, the job offer must be clear enough so that a person can make an informed decision about whether or not to take part in a selection process.

In addition, the commitment to transparency and honesty must be maintained throughout the recruitment, providing participants with all the information they may need to make their decisions regarding their continuity in it.

Facilitate the registration process to the offer to unite reputation and experience of the candidate

With new technologies it has become much easier to send a resume to a job offer, or so we tend to think. But the truth is that the Channels for receiving personal information from applicants do not always work in the most effective way.

There are still many companies that have web pages that do not adapt to the format of the screen of a mobile or a tablet. Bearing in mind that most people already connect to the Internet through devices of this type, this lack of adaptation ends up making it more complicated for those who do not have a computer at hand to send their CV.

In other cases they are used complex registration forms in which the candidate is asked for all kinds of data. Nobody wants to spend five or ten minutes of their lives filling out a form. 

In order to improve the experience of the candidate, it is necessary to facilitate the process of registering in the available job offers as much as possible. For starters, the web must have a design responsive that adapts to all types of screens and, on the other hand, the Forms should be simple and limit themselves to asking for basic information. The rest of the information is supplied by the applicant by attaching their CV to the application they are going to send.

offer feedback

Of all the candidates who apply, only one will be selected for the position. But that does not mean that you have to forget about everyone else.

Who enters a selection process already knows that there is a possibility of being discarded, this is something that is assumed when looking for work. But the experience can be much more positive if the person can get something valuable out of it: know what is wrong with your professional profile.

After hard and complex work, the coach has reduced the number of suitable candidates to five, and the new member of the squad will be chosen from among them. To make this selection of five, another ten people have been previously ruled out. Instead of letting time pass and it is the lack of communication from the company that indicates to the candidate that they have not been chosen, it is necessary to carry out a direct interaction.

It is about contacting the rejected candidate and informing him that he is not moving forward in the selection process. This is the perfect opportunity for Thank you for the time you have dedicated to the company. It can be used to give you some feedback, explaining why your profile is not suitable at this time.

Of course, this feedback should always be positive, that the person who receives it finds in it a source of motivation and some keys to continue improving.

Ask for feedback to link reputation and experience of the candidate

Not only do you have to give feedback, you also have to ask for it. The best way for a company to know if the experience of the candidates is being positive is by asking them themselves.

A simple survey can be enough to collect very valuable information. Ato apply means to carry out some adjustments that make the selection procedure friendlier and more positive for those who participate in it.

Never underestimate the importance of the candidate's experience. It largely depends on it whether the company is able to attract talent to its job offers, thus managing to fill its vacancies more quickly and efficiently.

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