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The preselection assessment, a useful tool in the process of selecting people.

Almost all companies use face-to-face interviews as a means of evaluation during the selection process. It is logical, since there is no doubt that meeting face to face with the candidate is decisive when making a final decision with which to complete the selection process. But... Did you know that only a small percentage of companies use pre-selection assessment in the process? This is really striking, as the  predictive properties of an assessment preselection + interview far outperform the traditional method (CV review + interview).

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And this is not all, since in addition, the use of assessment during your selection process also has a positive impact on the candidate experience.

Fortunately, more and more companies are beginning to implement a combined model of Preselection Assessment + Interviews in their selection processes to choose the ideal candidate.

What are preselection assessments?

Assessments are tests and tools that are used to compare the critical competencies of the candidates with the objective position, in order to achieve the best fit.

They come in various shapes and sizes, such as personality assessments, competencies, cultural adaptation, assessments of cognitive abilities, intelligence, etc. And all this in different formats: paper, digital or face-to-face tests in real life, for example.

As you can see, there are enough options to satisfy any evaluation enthusiast. But it is very important to choose which one or ones will help us achieve our goals: hire the best and improve the candidate experience.

Make the best decision, completely, efficiently and objectively.

Aspects to take into account when starting the preselection assessment.

On the one hand, the company must clearly and concisely define the ideal candidate profile. For this, it is essential to identify the personal skills and abilities considered necessary for the job.

We talk about skills such as analysis and problem solving, communication, customer orientation, results orientation, organization, resilience, teamwork, leadership, etc.

On the other hand, it is important to provide the selection process with a realistic and achievable plan, adequately identifying its different stages.

What value does the assessment add to the selection process?


An adequate pre-selection system saves time and cost associated with hiring. Having a screening and filtering tool helps reduce the number of interviews to be carried out.

Statistics confirm that only 10% of the applicants for a job offer are suitable for the position. This pre-assessment allows the recruiter to invest their time and resources with winning candidates.


The assessments allow us to objectively discover who the candidate really is, what their strengths are and what their points of improvement are, in order to correctly assess the fit with the vacancy and the business culture.

Thanks to really knowing the candidate and evaluating certain issues that cannot be seen only with the CV, we reduce turnover and increase the permanence of the new employee in the job.


Candidates are the cornerstone of the selection process. Based on this premise, the company cannot abandon communication with them. 

The assessment allows the candidate to feel involved in the process, participating in the different stages, and receiving objective and personalized feedback on their results.


Data is today one of the most valued assets of any business. The correct assessment system becomes a source of useful information for the company.

An aspect that, properly used, can influence the improvement of productivity and strategic decision-making.

In conclusion, we can say that preselection assessments are a key tool to help companies select in a more intelligent, efficient and fair way.

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