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What is the onboarding of new employees?

New employee onboarding is a word that was first created in the 1970s and refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to become members and constituents of an organization. effective way.

A good selection plan must contemplate a post-selection or incorporation phase. It is about managing, in advance, the steps to follow once the candidate(s) are selected and thus ensure the correct onboarding of new employees. 

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The onboarding phase is key to the employee experience. We must not only take into account the presentation of the same, but its development in the first weeks of work. If there is no adequate process that ensures the confidence and motivation of the worker, it is very likely that he will reconsider his decision.

According to the latest studies, 20% of new employees leave their position before serving two months in the company. This relationship shows that one of the critical factors to reduce the turnover of new employees is the existence of a solid onboarding plan (Font). 

But, What factors guarantee or are decisive for a positive incorporation of the new employee?

1. Efficiency of administrative tasks related to new hires as a factor in employee onboarding

The new incorporations suppose a complex administrative process of formalization. It is an extensive set of documents to be filled out by the employee. 

It is advisable to request this information prior to incorporation. In this way, the employee will have more time and peace of mind to complete them; Being ready to start from day one.

2. Preparation of the position and work material

It is key that at the time of incorporation, the new employee has all the necessary material to carry out their tasks. We are talking about equipment, office supplies, supplies, computer accounts, uniforms, etc. 

The company must ensure that the order is placed and everything is working properly before the employee's first day of work. Everything must be ready so that the worker can comfortably carry out their tasks from the first moment

3. Information about company policy as a factor in employee onboarding

Before joining, it is important that the worker already knows the main values and policies of the company. This makes it easy for the new employee to start in tune with the company from the first moment.

Some of the points that cannot be forgotten are: schedules, holidays, dress code, company benefits, etc.

4. Tour of the company or workplace

It is important that the worker feels accompanied from the first moment. Taking a guided tour of the workspace and common areas will help them become familiar and feel welcome.

5. Presentation of the work team and superiors as a factor in employee onboarding

The new employee must know the members of his work team, as well as the rest of the people with whom he will have a relationship, since his incorporation. These presentation meetings depend on the size and structure of each company, but some recommendations are:

  • First of all, hold a meeting with HR. This is the department linking the worker with the company. In addition, he will be able to raise all the questions and possible doubts of his hiring.
  • If possible, arrange a meeting with the CEO or other company managers.
  • Meeting with the direct supervisor of the new employee. A first contact in which to establish mutual expectations.
  • Finally, hold a meeting with the rest of the members that are part of your work team. An informal meeting is recommended, with which to start building a personal bond between the workers.

6. Set job expectations

That the employee knows his objectives and work responsibilities from the first moment, facilitates a direct and fluid incorporation. 

It is important to start with a generic introduction of the company's objectives towards the department in question and the specific role of the new employee. In this way, the company marks from the outset the importance of it.

It is recommended that the meeting be developed projecting confidence, and providing an opportunity to discuss the new worker's own expectations. It is the key phase for him to be aware of his importance in the company.

7. Training plan as a factor in employee onboarding

The company must previously develop a training plan for the new employee. It is an update on the situation of the company, as well as a basic guide to facilitate the development of its tasks.

Although there may be common plans for all new hires, it is important that these are as adapted and personalized as possible. In addition, this individualization will determine their efficiency, in terms of time and resources.

8. Ask for feedback or evaluation of the incorporation process

The incorporation process is an important source of information for the company. Through it you can request an assessment from the new employee, useful to check the points to improve. 

This analysis can also contribute to detect opportunities to improve the company's culture or the company's own action strategies.

As we can see, this is a key stage for any selection process. At Hirint we give you the necessary support to guarantee an adequate onboarding phase and thus ensure the adequate incorporation of new employees. Request your free demo here.


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