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Did you know that 40% of new hires leave before the first 6 months? Meeting the expectations between the worker and the company is a key factor in ensuring permanence.

Different studies show that, in most cases, behind early turnover there is a lack of satisfaction of expectations.

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Without a doubt, this is not difficult to understand since when a candidate joins a new company, he does so with certain expectations. Expectations about the tasks to be performed, about their day-to-day, about the company culture, etc.

The efficiency of a selection process will not only be determined during the process itself, but also at the stage post-selection

One of the objectives of the selection plan is to ensure that the link between the company and the employee is real. This ensures the desire for permanence between both parties. And it is a determining factor in ensuring that the resources invested in the selection process are not wasted. 

Below we expose some of the variables that must be controlled during the selection process, to ensure that Human Resources, managers and candidates are aligned to meet expectations and thus ensure permanence.

Accuracy in communication to meet expectations to ensure permanence

Have an honest, uniform, detailed, complete and direct job description. As well as influencing it during the different phases of the selection process, it is a key factor to avoid future misunderstandings.

It is striking that, of the percentage of abandonment mentioned above, almost half of the employees who quit their job agree that their daily function is far from what they expected.


In line with clear and precise communication is transparency when it comes to presenting ourselves as a company. It is very important to have a definition of the values that constitute the culture of the company. But the most important thing is to know how to transmit them in a clear and consistent way. 

Returning to the statistics, almost 25% of the resignations are due to the fact that they do not feel identified with the company's values. 

Finally, mention that another aspect that must be marked by transparency, are the possibilities of professional growth that employees choose within the company. 

Clearly show what the candidate's professional growth possibilities are, it is very important so as not to cause future frustration and therefore unforeseen resignations. 

Relationship and bond with managers to meet expectations to ensure permanence

The data is clear again, employees don't leave their jobs, they leave their bosses. Much of the resignations occur as a result of personal problems between employees and their bosses. 

During the selection process, the possibility of a personal meeting between the candidates and their future superiors should be considered. This action can be a useful tool to see if there is a "match" between both parties. 

Guarantee excellent Onboarding

Providing the successful candidate with a proper welcome during the onboarding process is perhaps the most important aspect of ensuring that expectations match reality. The new employee must feel in the right job from the first minute.

Making him feel an essential part of a whole is essential for the worker to be motivated and involved from the beginning. Therefore covering your expectations in a satisfactory way.

Retention as a KPI to meet expectations to ensure permanence

The permanence of new employees can be considered as an added operation in the selection process. An objective value with a tendency to improve and optimize. Making this variable measurable will entail greater involvement and a desire for improvement on the part of the recruiters or staff involved in the person selection processes.

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