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Discover the Future of Psychometric Testing with Hirint's new AI.

Hirint AI is the tool that will change the way you build your teams, saving time and guaranteeing ideal candidates from the beginning.

Hirint artificial intelligence

Transform your selection process, evaluating with the revolutionary Hirint AI

What is Hirint AI?

Hirint AI is much more than functionality. It is your strategic ally in creating the ideal profile for your vacancies. In just 10 seconds, and thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, our AI analyzes the job description and generates a complete profile. From key competencies to seniority level, everything automatically.

Main Benefits of Hirint Artificial Intelligence

Time saving

Eliminate hours of manual work with the speed of AI.

Increased Precision

More accurate profiles thanks to data-driven analysis.

Guaranteed Efficiency

Build solid teams aligned with the needs of your company.

How Hirint AI Works

1. Vacancy description: Enter the position information.

2. Our Artificial Intelligence acts: In 10 seconds, our artificial intelligence generates a detailed profile.

3. Review and Adjustments: Customize to your specific needs.

4. Ready for Action!: Start attracting the ideal candidates.

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