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Leadership in human resources departments

For those responsible, leadership in human resources departments has always been one of the most complicated issues, since depending on the person they exercise a different type of leadership.

This is why many companies continue to function with the figure of the boss.

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But they should bet on a leader who trusts his team, establishes the priorities and freedom of decision of each of his team members.

This type of situation generates a bad atmosphere within the team, which is why there must be good leadership in human resources departments.

The millennial generation is looking for a free place where they can work happily and develop personally and professionally, which is why the figure of the authoritarian boss is ceasing to be a valid form of leadership.

Companies want leadership in HR departments

Companies are looking for leaders or people with the potential to be leaders and who can also adapt to the different situations that arise.

For example, the pandemic that we are experiencing in 2020 has led to human resources departments having to undergo a complete restructuring.

Modifying the way of working of all its employees having to take all the work of the offices to the modality of telecommuting.

To achieve this, they had to adapt and apply another type of leadership to which they were previously accustomed.

Having to start using different platforms and transmit all this information to all the employees of the company.

As this department is in charge of the new operation of the company, they had to use a type of leadership that provides:

  • Guidance: guide and show how things are done.
  • Motivation: It is important that good HR leaders motivate their teams, driving them to work hard and be better every day.
  • Build morale: By offering confidence to your team, you can improve their performance at work.

In conclusion

The theory tells us that in times of uncertainty it is better to have an authoritarian leader telling us what to do.

But according to what we live, this is not so true, since the most important thing at this time is the ability of employees to adapt and provide solutions.

Likewise, human resource managers must also have that ability to adapt.

In short, the most important thing is to see leadership from a shared point of view, since for a work methodology such as teleworking, it will benefit all those involved.

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