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Using AI to reduce selection bias

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ceased to be a technology that seemed like a thing of the future to us, and has become a tool that we use commonly. If it is practical for us on a daily basis, it is even more so in


The most common biases of recruiters

On a conscious level we know that everyone should be treated equally, and that we should all have the same opportunities. However, a series of biases operate in our unconscious that mean that we are not always everything.


Inclusive leadership models and how to implement them

There are many types of leadership, each with points in its favor. Therefore, it is not always easy to choose between one or the other. However, from time to time, modalities appear that become a trend, because they adapt to


Creating an inclusive work environment for all

Inclusion and diversity have become two of the objectives to be achieved within the workplace. Because there is more and more data that confirms that diverse teams are more effective than those in which a difference can be seen.