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Keys to having an attractive company culture

Having an engaging company culture is becoming increasingly important for candidates applying to open positions.

It can even be said that it is a key point for job seekers and that companies should take advantage of.

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What are the keys to having an attractive company culture? 

Employees are an essential part for the proper functioning of a company.

Establishing such a culture where employees feel good can encourage them to be more productive and committed to meeting objectives.

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A good company culture depends directly on the leadership exercised by positions of influence.

So, establishing a good leader plus some of the following keys to having an attractive company culture will help you improve the interest of candidates in your company:

  1. Equal treatment among employees regardless of position can help create a sense of family among co-workers.
  2. Teach in private, applaud in public. Talk to your employees and correct them in private, always remember to encourage and congratulate them in public.
  3. Recognition of promotion opportunities in the company for employees who have done a good job.

How can we introduce it into our talent acquisition strategy? 

First impressions are very important for candidates when applying for a job.

Having a good company culture can be an aspect that sets us apart and helps the candidate to remember us.

In addition, it is a positive point for the positioning and image of the company with the public, since most candidates seek a pleasant and comfortable environment in which to work.

To conclude, having a positive corporate and organizational culture is beneficial both for the employees who work in the company and for those new ones who want to enter the company, creating a spiral that benefits the company as a whole.

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