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Inspiring Women: Sara Uribe

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Today we are conducting an interview with Sara Uribe, an expert in talent management and organizational transformation. She has spent more than 15 years holding the position of director of organizational talent in Peru Energy Network. You can find out all this and more if you take a look at his LinkedIn profile

But, in addition, Sara is in ehe Top 5 HR Influencer in Peru, and she has a lot to say about female leadership, as you will see in this interview.

Some characteristics that stand out in female leadership are: greater sociability, cooperativeness, innovative mentality and more empathy. How do you think these characteristics influence the development of companies? 

The female profile stands out for characteristics that can effectively be empowered in leadership role. Sociability and cooperativism positively influence teamwork, as well as the ease of networking. The innovative mindset is developed by continuous exposure to different settings and roles in which women play. These experiences are capitalized by women when exercising leadership in organizations, promoting synergy to achieve objectives.

What has the journey of being a female leader been like up to the present day? – another question from the interview with Sara Uribe

The steps in leadership development itself can be similar between genders. However, the differences occur in the challenges of the road. The first step is to want to do it, to want to move forward, to achieve and be fulfilled; This is an indispensable mobile. The second, I believe, is having partners on the path towards the shared goal: a close support group that shares this objective and is the impetus on the route.   

Becoming aware of the proposed goals allows combining the different experiences on the route as a woman in the different roles to be developed.

What has been the most difficult thing about being a female leader?

In my personal experience, it has been the combine with the role of motherhood. PBecause developing professionally brings satisfaction that requires attention and concentration that at a certain stage of life is not easy to perform along with the role of motherhood, especially when you have more than one child. 

Otherwise, live with male leaders and build good work teams, has been interesting to develop and enjoy.

What advice would you give to women who have the dream of creating their own company or of being company leaders? – another question from the interview with Sara Uribe

First, that they never give up their dreams, it is the first step to move forward. Even if there are circumstances that cause your dreams to be postponed, just move them a bit; If possible, stick a piece of paper next to your bed with this goal so you don't abandon it. 

Second, believe in yourself, you can, you always can. Third, always prepare, constantly, because it is not only a matter of haranguing oneself but also of knowing, to know how, to have support to make decisions.

Do you think there are still barriers for women to bet on management positions? – another question from the interview with Sara Uribe

Less and less, and more and more organizations are more aware of the benefits of driving diversity in their leadership cadres. However, we must work on the job ambition of women in organizations because, for various reasons, their focus or goal of advancement and professional development is diluted over time. This makes them less visible for management positions.

Work on empowerment, in life balance, and in time management, will help women not to lose their aspirations and professional development.

In your experience, how can companies promote female leadership within their organizations?

Making the issue visible is the first step to generate this commitment, not with actions or programs that show privileges for women but with actions that ensure equality and equity in development opportunities. Working on emerging leadership is also a main action for women to continue their aspiration and development goals.  Create and promote a culture of equity it will allow not only “they” to be an active part of the topic but also “them”; that is to say, everyone in an organization is part of this change that ultimately benefits us collectively.

What do you think is the characteristic that has defined your career? Because?

I consider that it is the resilience. The power to always continue focused forward, learn from my mistakes and not fall, and always smile at whatever comes, facing it with the best attitude and trying to share the best of myself with others.

What do you think has been the most important benefit that you have brought to your company as a female leader?

I love to think that women with developing leadership in the organization can find in me a guide for complex moments or insecurities or doubts. On the other hand, at the executive boards I focus on my contribution being plural, conscious on all fronts and helping the teams take advantage of their synergy and networking.

Is Peru an inclusive country with women and that respects female leadership, how has your experience been? – another question from the interview with Sara Uribe

We are in development regarding being inclusive with female leadership. Aparadigms still existTherefore, rather than marking the differences in leadership, I prefer to emphasize the similarities to be able to meet men and women in similar spaces of roles, responsibility and validation of results. 

That when women achieve goals it is not related to favoritism or fashion, but genuine, transparent and fairly attributed to our merits.

Corresponds to primary education emphasize equality from an early age, injecting everyone, especially girls, with the desire to have ambitious goals that focus our lives.

In hirint we are committed to diversity and inclusion for this reason we want in the month of women to give voice to women leaders and so inspire to others. For this reason, we conducted this interview with Sara Uribe. You can learn more about Hirint here

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