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Take your competency assessment to the next level with Hirint

Get ready to take your evaluation processes to the next level thanks to our new Interview Questions Report by Competencies!

What is the Hirint Competency Interview Questions Report?

Imagine having at your disposal a resource designed to optimize your interviews by competencies. Our report uses the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) methodology to guide interviewers effectively and objectively.

How does it work?


Conduct interviews focusing on specific and real situations. Get detailed insights into the context the candidate is in.


Understand the role of the candidate. Ask about responsibilities and expectations, evaluating the appropriateness of your actions to your role.


Encourage the candidate to describe in detail the actions taken to handle the situation. Discover how they address problems and challenges in a specific and personal way.


Investigate the results of the candidate's actions. Evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies and skills under pressure, paying attention to the impact on the team, project or organization.

Power up and turn your interviews into transformative experiences with our new competency interview report!

Benefits of the Skills Interview Question Guide:

  • Optimize your selection processes.
  • Facilitates effective and objective interviews.
  • Provides detailed insights into candidate performance.
  • Raise the quality of your team with the best hiring decisions.

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