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Inspiring Women: Aurea Benito

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Today we conducted an interview with Aurea Benito. Just taking a look at your LinkedIn profile We can already realize that she is a very outstanding professional within her field of activity, since she has more than 21,000 followers worldwide.

Trained as a psychologist at the University of Barcelona and with a Master in HR Management from the EADA Business School, his career in the field of Human Resources began in 1988 as a recruiting technician and, today, he has been working for more than 15 years as a Corporate People Director at ISDIN.

Surely you are wanting to know how his path has been until he reached the position he holds right now, so we leave you with his interview.

Some characteristics that stand out in female leadership are: greater sociability, giving greater value to cooperation, an innovative mentality and greater empathy. How do you think these characteristics influence the development of companies? 

The work environment has taken a turn and requires empowering leaders and teams for a world fast-paced and changing workplace. The future of skills development transcends the debate on whether to promote more “hard” or “soft” skills, to embrace those that empower us to collaborate, improve, learn, improve and grow. 

In this sense, sociability, collaboration, empathy and innovation are key in a volatile, non-linear reality, which generates anxiety and is also, on many occasions, incomprehensible.

What has the journey of being a female leader been like up to the present day? – another question from the interview with Aurea Benito

Like every trip, It has had sunny days and other rainy ones, wide and flat paths, others narrow and steep, but I have always had many people lighting the way.

Thanks to all of them for trusting me, for challenging me, for accompanying me and for broadening my world inspiring me to dream more, learn more, do more and be better.

What has been the most difficult thing about being a female leader?

First become truly aware of what female leadership means. It's a inclusive, committed, inspiring leadership that fosters collaboration, creativity, problem solving, versatility, flexibility and willingness to change between other qualities. 

And then, take my responsibility, always positioning myself, facing my fears and taking risks to create new opportunities to make equality a reality.

What advice would you give to women who dream of starting their own business? or to be business leaders?

May your dream become your compass and never let your fears -which are part of the trip, demagnetize it. It's okay to keep our feet on the ground as we chase the stars, because a certain dose of realism will help us. Now once you have clear your dream, befriend “courage” to pursue it and “perseverance” not to give up 

I have learned that the path is the goal and if we achieve our dream, great! But if not, it's also great, because the simple fact of fighting to achieve it now says a lot about us. After all, the only failure is not having tried. And the effort to try is already a triumph over your own fears.

Do you think there are still barriers for women to bet on jobs? managers? – another question from the interview with Aurea Benito

Although the number of women managers has increased considerably in many places in the world gender parity remains a challenge. According to a recent report of the World Economic Forum, women represent less of the 50% from the leaders in each industry. Possibly one of the main barriers to address is the gender bias

So let's hack our biases and create more open workspaces, creative and collaborative and, therefore, a more inclusive world.

In your experience, how can companies promote female leadership within their organizations?

By example. For me, one of the best definitions of leadership was formulated by Einstein, who stated: “Example is not a way to lead, it is the only one”. If we lower it to the ground, promoting female leadership could translate into develop a company culture friendly for women and diversity. Specifically, creating female models of leadership, share best practices or invest in mentorship programs, are initiatives that facilitate and accelerate female leadership.

What do you think is the characteristic that has defined your career? Because? – another question from the interview with Aurea Benito

The passion. I feel genuine passion for my work, because it allows me to connect what I do at all times, with the why and for what I do it. This, in addition to giving me direction and sense, it makes me happy and therefore I am in a better disposition to give. 

Although it seems a paradox, the more we give, the more we receive. Although it is good to keep in mind the phrase of “give without expecting to receive anything in return” and do it in a genuine way, the reality is that when we give it is as if we sowed and then, perhaps not with immediate effect, we collect the fruits in the form of smiles, satisfaction and even new opportunities that we never imagined.

What do you think has been the most important benefit you have brought to your company? as a female leader?

My value creation connects a lot with my purpose: “Bring light to people, creating beauty and laughter all around”. And, as Oscar Wilde reminds us, beauty is in the eyes of who looks at her I decline my purpose in 3 dimensions: the first, inspire, so that we want to do our best, and I realize that when I contribute to That this happens, that also makes me give the best of me. The second is Want to be always part of the solution and not limit myself to not being part of the problem. This projects us into the future and allows us to be sculptors of our destiny. The last, and not least, enjoy the moment; Part of that enjoyment is to stop "taking it for granted" and start taking thanks to the small and big things that fill our day with meaning and make it special.

In hirint we are committed to diversity and inclusion for this reason we want in the month of women to give voice to women leaders and so inspire to others. For this reason, we have conducted this interview with Aurea Benito. You can learn more about Hirint here

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