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Inbound Recruiting: a great source of talent

ACurrently, retaining or finding the best talent for a company has become a very difficult task. Attracting the most suitable candidates for the business is a challenge for the Human Resources department, since people are a source of competitive advantage in organizations. In other words, the key to the success of a company is with Inbound Recruiting.

The reality of the labor market has changed in recent years, and more and more people seek to feel identified with the values of a brand. A good salary is no longer everything. Candidates, increasingly informed and demanding, prioritize other factors such as their free time, the connection with the project or with the team.

The 80% of Spanish companies have problems to fill their vacancies. This is how he reflected it in his last study the human resources multinational ManpowerGroup, “The lack of talent)”. That is why the ability to retain and attract talent has become a priority for many companies in 2022.

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What is Inbound Recruiting?

The Inbound Recruiting It is a key methodology for attracting talent to the company. This personnel selection technique prioritizes the search for profiles through specialized means. Its objective is to be attractive to the right talent, both for active and passive candidates, in order to capture their attention and retain them.

Characteristics of an Inbound strategy

Inbound Recruiting has its origins in Inbound Marketing strategies. This technique combines different digital tools to attract and seduce customers, without being invasive. This combination of marketing strategies with recruitment allows companies to improve the experience offered to candidates and the image they have of the company.

This new strategy, focused on the needs of people, seeks to offer an optimal experience to the candidate during the selection process. To carry out an Inbound selection process, the Human Resources department must take into account these 3 values: empathy, transparency and authenticity.

  • Transparency. Betting on sincerity in a selection process will avoid the creation of false expectations and the consequent disappointment in a candidate. The recruiter must present the company as it is to gain the necessary trust from the potential employee.
  • Authenticity. The ability to transmit the essence of the company throughout the selection process, through communication and treatment. Being authentic will make it easier to find the right candidate for the job.
  • Empathy. Working with human capital requires the ability to understand how the other person feels. The basis for building a good image of a company is found in the treatment, which is why it is essential to make the candidate feel good throughout the selection process.

Differences between Inbound Recruiting and the traditional selection process

The traditional methodology of searching for profiles was reactive. It was based on publishing the offer on employment pages when a position became vacant and waiting for a good candidate to apply. Due to the lack of anticipation, the search is accelerated, to rebuild the team as soon as possible.

Carrying out an Inbound Recruiting strategy, it is possible to have a database of professional profiles that, proactively, and thanks to the image of the employer brand, have applied to be part of the company.

One of the most common practices of this new strategy is the search for potential candidates through specialized HR social networks. Far away is the cold contact with the candidates of the traditional model, about which there was hardly any information. Professionals in the sector have adapted to the new way of relating. Social networks bring companies closer to candidates and encourage interaction between them.

The 4 phases of an Inbound Recruiting strategy

The Inbound Recruiting methodology divides the selection process into 4 phases:

  • attract talent
  • Conversion
  • Hire effectively
  • Fall in love throughout the process

These 4 stages will allow the recruitment expert to offer the best possible candidate experience and make them fall in love with the company, thus increasing their commitment to the company.

Phase 1: Candidate Attraction

The first step to follow to find the perfect candidate is to get their attention. For this, the company must have a faithful and attractive image in the digital world. A space of your own where you can communicate your corporate culture, the company's way of working, and be able to interact with the target audience.

This creation of digital goods is called employer branding, and these are some of the most popular options:

  • Creation of a website with good SEO and a blog.
  • Active presence in personal and work social networks
  • Have informative materials for download
  • Newsletter or direct contact by email
Phase 2: Conversion to candidates

Facilitating accessibility to an offer is the second step. Through a simple dynamic and clear and inspiring language, the interested person will apply for the job offer and become a candidate. The talent will fill out a form or sign up for a newsletter as long as it is easy, fast and adapted to all mobile devices.

Phase 3: Effective Hiring

Once we have found the best talent, it is best to be agile. If the values of empathy, transparency and authenticity have been transmitted throughout the process, the final closure will be a breeze. In the opposite case, it is advisable to review the work methodology and the tools used in the Inbound Recruiting strategy.

Phase 4: Fall in love

In Inbound Recruiting, the selection process does not end with the hiring. An employee's first days are critical to their satisfaction with the company. In addition, it is just as important to cater to new recruits in their first days as it is to serve candidates who have not been chosen in order to offer the best recruiting experience and continue to attract more talent.

Inbound Recruiting Results

If you manage to offer a good experience during the 4 phases of Inbound Recruiting, you will be able to make your talent community fall in love. Both the rejected candidates and those you hire will be promoters of your brand and will recommend your company to other people.

In short, Inbound Recruiting addresses a new way of understanding the relationship between candidates, employees and the company, and offers more effective results than traditional recruitment methods. This methodology works as a powerful filter that allows only people interested in the company to pass through.

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