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Tips to start applying Human Resources trends in 2023

A few weeks ago we saw in detail the Human Resources trends. When analyzing them, we realized that the vast majority of companies were going to have to implement changes if they wanted to adapt to them. We are already in a new year, and now it's a good time to update some old ways of working and understand labor relations which have already become obsolete. Let's look at the new Human Resources trends in 2023 and what companies can do to adapt to the trends that are coming.

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Implementation of hybrid work as one of the trends in human resources in 2023

Employees have already tasted the benefits of teleworking and do not want to give it up. At the same time, companies continue to be strong advocates of face-to-face work, so what can be done?

The solution is to implement a hybrid model that combine days of work in the office with days of work from home. Ayes everyone will be happy. 

The first thing the company has to do is think about how it is going to implement this system. In this sense, there are many solutions that can be adopted:

  • You can implant a number of days when you will necessarily work from home. For example, on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Or you can give a total flexibility to employees. The number of days per month in which teleworking can be done is established, and each worker can manage them as they wish.

This last solution is more useful, because it allows a better reconciliation of personal and family life. Thus, if an employee has a sick child, it may be better for them to add several days of teleworking at once, in this way, they do not neglect their family or their work.

Of course, it is also necessary to provide staff with the necessary equipment to be able to work from home.

Development of soft skills of employees

Soft skills continue to set trends in the field of Human Resources. But they are no longer sought only in the new additions to the squad. Companies are beginning to be aware that within them there is a lot of potential talent and you have to make it emerge. Consequently, they have to look for systems that allow employees to develop new soft skills.

The key is to start by making a template evaluation. The The aim is to detect those employees who are more qualified to keep progressing professionally if they receive good training. Once they are identified, it is necessary to develop and implement a training plan.

But it is not enough to stay in theory, you have to go into practice. Companies must give their workers the opportunity to try out those new skills and talents that they have developed. This may require horizontal or even vertical mobility within the template.

Proactivity in mental health care

The burnout syndrome cases or burned worker have skyrocketed in recent years. For this reason, companies have made mental health care for their employees one of their priorities for this year.

The key goes through humanize work, what the Anglo-Saxons call work life balance and we know as conciliation. Companies need to understand that your employees have a life beyond their work, and they have to start being more flexible.

Some of the measures that can be taken are:

  • Adjustment of the day, going from the traditional split model to an intensive day.
  • Implement flexible hours at the entrance and exit.
  • Establish a hybrid work system.
  • Distribute the tasks well so that there are no overloads of work.
  • Offer workshops on mental health.
  • Apply the digital disconnect.

Changes in the ways of leading as one of the trends in human resources in 2023

A few years ago, the model of boss was changed to that of leader, but this is not enough. The labor relations have continued to evolve, and the current leadership is nothing like what it was a decade ago.

companies need effective leaders who redefine the leader-employee dynamic to turn it into a person-person dynamic, since this is much more positive when it comes to achieving business objectives.

Consequently, leaders have to deconstruct themselves, analyze the environment well, and re-emerge as the professionals that companies need at this specific moment. This should not involve too much effort, because precisely the adaptation to change is one of the essential capacities in those who exercise leadership.

However, the work should not come from the leader alone. The company should help you, training you, and giving you the support you need when implementing the changes that will be necessary to be able to carry out your work more effectively.

Promote professional progression

One of the Human Resources trends in 2023 is the need for companies to improve the experience of their employees to increase their retention rate. But increasing the loyalty of workers is difficult if they have the feeling that they cannot continue advancing in their professional career.

The Great Resignation that has been taking place in the United States since 2020 has brought to the table the fact that workers who do not see growth opportunities in their job end up leaving their job. Stopping this situation is something that is in the hands of the companies.

The solution goes through upskilling and the reskilling, consisting of continuously train employees, make them develop new skills and abilities, allow them to continue being useful to the company.

And not only that, you also have to promote internal promotion. If every time the company needs to fill a vacancy it goes to the labor market to look for the ideal candidate, this generates a certain amount of resentment among the current workforce, which feels undervalued. It is not a question of filling all the vacancies with employees of the company, but it is necessary to try to find a balance between internal promotion and external selection.

Furthermore, as we have said on occasion, internal promotion does not necessarily have to be vertical, it can also be horizontal, putting an employee in another department where they can perform better.

Apply digitization to recruitment

Digital transformation is absolutely necessary for companies of all types and sizes. Not adapting to technological advances means losing opportunities for progress, and even making the business obsolete.

Companies have been applying new technologies in areas such as economic and administrative management, but have neglected the field of Human Resources, where digitization can be especially useful.

Those companies that wish to join one of the Human Resources trends in 2023 should start with embrace the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the selection processes. There are already very advanced tools that allow the curricular screening to be carried out in a totally objective way and eliminating any personal bias, which means that the selection processes advance more quickly and their result has a better chance of being successful.

By applying different digital tools to the selection process, recruiting staff can focus on high added value work, like the design of competency interviews that allow to know in depth the abilities and capacities of the applicants.

The necessary steps to apply the changes and join the Human Resources trends in 2023

We have already seen some of the possible measures that companies can implement to adapt to the trends in Human Resources management that are arriving, but before reaching the point of choosing the action that is going to be applied, a few steps must be taken. previous.

The first thing is to make a detailed analysis of the starting point of the organization with respect to trends. Next, you have to assess If there really is a commitment to start making changes, taking into account that this is a procedure that will affect both the company itself and its employees.

If it is decided that yes, that there is a commitment, the next thing to do is design the strategy. Define the objectives to be achieved and establish an action plan. In this sense, it is good to establish a time frame to carry out the changes, this avoids delays when taking action.

Making all the changes that we have seen throughout this article may not be possible in a single year, so it is better set three or four realistic goals and go for them.

After this, it is time to look for the tools needed to make those changes and then it's time to start working towards the goals. Monitoring at all times what is being done, to check if the measures are being really effective or if it is convenient to make any changes.


The new Human Resources trends in 2023 are a reality to which companies have to adapt and, to achieve this, they must be proactive and start applying changes that can help them continue to progress and become a place that everyone wants work, because this is one of the best sources of competitive advantage that can be had today.

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