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How to keep your work team strong in times of Covid?

To keep your work team strong in times of covid, it is necessary that the leaders encourage and encourage communication and also carry out different activities so that they grow and develop

For this, "team buildings" are held, which are events in which workers from the same company or department meet to carry out activities that improve the chemistry and the environment of the team.

In normal times, these types of activities would be carried out in person but, with the arrival of Covid-19, they have had to move to the digital sphere.

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So... How to keep the work team strong in times of Covid with technology?

Next, we tell you how to keep your work team strong in times of Covid using technology to do so.

1. Escape rooms to know how to keep the work team strong in times of Covid

For a while now, "escape rooms" have been on everyone's lips, but now they are becoming fashionable in a virtual format, through video calls.

For those who do not know what an "escape room" is, it is a game in which you start by being locked in a room full of mysteries that must be solved step by step until you can escape from it, and all this in the shortest time possible. 

This is a fun activity that strengthens the chemistry of the team and helps to know the strengths and weaknesses of each of the members.


This entertaining activity consists of meeting through a video call application and playing a question and answer game in teams.

Existing applications can be used, although to improve the experience and effectiveness of the meeting, it is recommended that players propose two or three questions that will then be added to a common pool. 

3. Where in the world? to know how to keep the work team strong in times of Covid

This game is perfect if it is an international team and consists of finding out where a player lives through photos provided by them.

They should take photos of a traditional element of their countries, cut out a small part of the photo. Next, the rest of the players must guess what it is and where that person lives.

This fun activity allows team members to learn more about each other and create meaningful relationships across distances.

In conclusion…

There are no excuses not to develop your team, these games are just a small sample of the amount of activities that can be done.

And the last advice we can give you is to be creative and have fun!

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