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How to improve the candidate experience

DFor years, companies have thought that when a person came to them looking for a job, the most important thing was their need to find the ideal candidate. With the change in labor relations in recent years, More and more organizations are realizing how important it is to improve the candidate experience.

Because, the more comfortable and comfortable that person feels, more she will behave like herself. Overcoming nerves and tension. This will allow the company to have it a little easier when it comes to know if you are really dealing with someone who is well suited to the position offered.

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What is the candidate experience?

What the Anglo-Saxons call candidate experience defines the set of sensations that a candidate experiences when going through a selection process. Both during it and once it has ended, regardless of whether or not you have been chosen for the position.

In the personnel selection process the roles are being exchanged. For vacancies that require higher qualifications, it is rather the candidates who decide whether or not they want to work with a certain company. 

We are at a time when talent is scarce and many companies have problems to fill the positions offered. Therefore, it is necessary that the general perception that the candidate has of the company throughout the selection process is as good as possible. And it is just what we seek through the improvement of your experience.

Perception refers to the feelings, behaviors, and attitudes that candidates experience throughout the recruiting and hiring process. Since they send the curriculum until they sign the contract if they are chosen.

For example, if someone sends us their CV and we take more than 15 days to give them an answer, we are making the perception of our business not good.

Now that the employer branding is so fashionable, and companies want to improve their public image when it comes to attracting and retaining talent, working to improve the candidate experience is essential. Because, If we don't treat someone who is interested in working for our company well, they will most likely leave with a negative feeling. and speak ill of the company, thereby tarnishing its reputation.

On the other hand, if the company finds a talented candidate, but the His experience during the selection process has not been good, there are more chances to decide decline the offer. I could even do ghosting.

Tips to improve the candidate experience

Companies are increasingly aware of everything we have pointed out so far. Consequently, they are making significant efforts to improve the general perception that candidates have of them. If you also want to achieve it in your business, here are several formulas that have proven to be very useful.

Make a good job offer

Creating a job offer seems simple, but it is not. Many times neither the tone that the communication should adopt nor the information that should be included in the advertisement are taken into account. This can make very talented people not interested in the position.

First, the tone of the offer must always be in line with the tone chosen as part of the company image. It can be more dynamic or more formal, depending on what the company has decided it wants to convey.

On the other hand, we must not forget that we are facing an announcement. We must inform candidates of what we are looking for, but also what we offer.

We often see job offers with long lists of requirements for those interested and in which there is little mention of what the company is willing to offer.

The best thing in these cases is to make an announcement that clearly and precisely explain the job and responsibilities. Including essential information such as salary range, additional benefits of the position and company values. With a simple and careful wording.

Be transparent and honest as a way to improve the candidate experience

You have to be especially careful when providing information to candidates. Make sure that the information offered fits completely with the reality of the company.

Never manipulate the information that is given throughout the entire selection process. This should always be as honest and transparent as possible. There is nothing worse for the candidate experience than making the candidate feel like they have been misled..

Streamlines processes

It is true that recruitment is a process that usually takes time, but it is important to try to keep these times within acceptable limits.  

To start, the company needs a application process for vacancies to be as simple as possible. up to a 60% of those interested in a position can decide not to participate in it if they find that sending their request is somewhat complex.

If we are dealing with someone who is looking for a job, but is not very interested in what the company offers them, they probably do not send their CV if they have to go through a long and complicated process.

This can be improved by creating a more dynamic request system. Requiring a minimum amount of information and that also works well from any type of device.

On the other hand, it is important to respect the candidates' time. We cannot have a person pending the selection process for weeks or even months. A talented candidate spends only a short time on the market, so don't let the opportunity pass you by.

If the selection process has been well designed and effective, within a week or two we should have found the right candidate.

Improve the job offers page of your website as a way to improve the candidate experience

Many companies publish the announcements of their available vacancies on specialized websites and on social networks. They often forget that the candidate search process should start with them.

In some cases they do not even have a section of vacant positions on their website. Those that do have it tend to have it. quite neglected and lacking updating. This is a mistake and conveys a very bad image.

If a candidate sees a job advertisement and goes to the web to find out more, but does not find information about the position, their perception will not be positive. On the contrary, your experience will improve a lot if you find a broader description of what you are looking for and what the company offers in the vacancies section. And it will be even better if you can apply directly for the position from the web.

advocate for communication

It's not uncommon for a candidate to apply for a position and then spend a long time not knowing anything about how the selection process is going. In some cases, you may even never hear from the company again if you have not managed to pass the different screens.

A person looking for work can perfectly understand that their profile does not conform to that of the position offered, but not that the company does not keep them informed of their decision. Therefore, communication must be enhanced.

It is important that stakeholders know how the selection process is going and at what stage of it they are, especially if they have been discarded. The good thing is that nowadays this can be done very easily thanks to technology.

We have seen five ways to improve the candidate experience, but the truth is that we could mention many more. For example:

  • Maintain relationships with candidates who have not been chosen, but could be interesting for the company in the future.
  • Practice active listening.
  • Provide the applicant with various means of contact with the company and designate a person to be in charge of communications with him to create an environment of trust.
  • Use feedback surveys to learn about the candidate experience.

Companies are in a continuous process of competition with each other. It is no longer just about selling more products or services, it is vitally important to have the best talent. Because employees are the best asset an organization can have. 

Therefore, any improvement in the selection process is one more step to be ahead in that particular "war" for talent. If you manage to improve the candidate experience within the selection process applied in your business, you will have an important source of competitive advantage. 

Not only will you find the most talented employees, but you will improve the image of the company abroad. This will improve the reputation, which, in turn, will work as an important attraction for more talented people to present themselves to future selection processes. 

Do not hesitate, by improving the candidate experience you are improving your company's ability to continue growing.

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