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How to attract the right candidates for your organization

TALENTThis is what companies look for when they start a personnel selection process. Their goal is to find that person who fits perfectly within the parameters of the position to be filled as soon as possible. That they have hard and soft skills that allow them to carry out the tasks of the job and, in addition, that they have a personality that fits well with the culture of the company.

This, which might seem simple, is not at all easy at the present time. Because the candidates that apply are not always the most suitable to fill the position, and this can give rise to three different circumstances:

  • Let the position remain unfilled.
  • It takes a long time to find the right applicant.
  • That they end up hiring someone who doesn't quite fit in and who sooner or later will leave the organization of their own free will or by decision of the company.

Every day that a position is unfilled, the company is losing money. Because they have to dedicate economic resources to the selection and, at the same time, their productivity is below normal because their squad is not complete.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to be able to fill vacancies efficiently as soon as possible. And this can only come true if the people who apply for the selection process are candidates who more or less match what is requested.

Those responsible for Human Resources face a great challenge: ensuring that the selection processes are sufficiently attractive and efficient so that the outstanding talented people decide to participate in them. Let's see how this goal can be achieved.

Table of Contents

Define an employer brand

Reputation has become essential for companies when it comes to selling their products or services. Because consumers often search for information before making their purchase decision.

If they see that a brand receives a lot of negative comments, it is most likely that they will not take the risk and not formalize their purchase or contract the service. On the contrary, if the reputation of the company is good, there are many more chances that the potential customer will end up becoming a real customer.

Something similar occurs with the employer brand, because it is the reputation a company has built as a place to work. If that reputation is good, your job offers will be welcomed by talented people who want to further advance their careers. They will want to participate in the selection process because they are aware that it can be their gateway to an organization that has many good things to offer them.

On the contrary, if the reputation as an employer brand is negative, the talent will not want to participate in their selection processes.

Have a good employer brand it's a matter of time and effort. In the end, the important thing is that there is a total coherence between the culture and values that the company advocates and the actions it carries out. If there is such a balance, this ends up transcending the boundaries of the company and begins to be in the public domain, because word of mouth from employees can work better than any advertising campaign.

Improve the candidate experience

It is not enough to treat employees well, you also have to do it with candidates. For them, the selection process can be hard, and you have to try to make things a little easier for them.

A good communication it's a great starting point for a successful candidate experience. The company must communicate the steps into which the process will be divided and the deadlines it has for them.

A friendly and respectful approach to candidates makes a good impression on them and enhances the employer brand.

In addition, the fact that a candidate is not suitable now does not mean that he will not be suitable in the future for another position. If your experience has been positive, you will not hesitate to participate in other selection processes, so his talent could become part of the company sooner or later.

Use the right recruitment channels

Often, companies don't find the right people among their candidates because they aren't looking where they should. If you always fish in the same river, you will always catch the same fish.

It is true that online platforms for posting job offers work very well. In just a few minutes, the company can receive dozens of resumes, but this is not synonymous with effectiveness. Because it often happens that out of 100 resumes, only one or two minimally fit the vacancy.

So that this does not happen, the key is in look for talented candidates where they are known to be.

In some cases it may be useful to use specialized job search platforms, but in others it would be interesting to go to universities or vocational training centers, to unemployed associations, and even hire a headhunter.

To know where to look, you must first be clear about what you are looking for. Once the position and profile to be covered have been defined, it will not be difficult to determine where this talent can be found most easily.

Cultivate a network of talents

It seems that networking is something typical of professionals who work for themselves, but also it is good for companies to have their own network of professional contacts. In fact, these contacts can be a good place to start looking for candidates, even when the job opening hasn't been officially announced yet.

The company interacts daily with other companies and professionals in its sector. If you cultivate that relationship, you can discover that the most talented candidates are related in one way or another to the members of your network of contacts.

For example, that employment lawyer that the company collaborates with from time to time may be the ideal candidate to fill the position of head of the personnel department. Or he could be the one to recommend a good applicant for that vacancy.

Offer opportunities for growth and development

Many job offers focus on basic questions such as the tasks to be carried out in the offered position and the salary range. Although this data is essential, there are talented people out there for whom this is not enough to apply for a position.

Because they are at a point in their lives in which they are looking for something more than the security of knowing that they are going to receive a certain amount of money. They want to progress, develop professionally. Knowing that a new job can be a new challenge, and not simply change the place where the usual tasks of the profession are carried out.

In this sense, companies that offer growth and development opportunities have it a little easier for talented people who are willing to commit to the organization to participate in their selection processes.

But, as we said before, there needs to be coherence between what the company advocates and what it actually does. It is useless to offer development opportunities in the job advertisement if at the moment of truth it will not be like that. Because this can result in finding the right candidate, but being disappointed when he realizes the truth and decide to abandon the selection process, or even the company if you had already been hired.

Offer competitive benefits

A job offer is also an advertisement in which the company must “sell” itself a bit. If the goal is to attract talented candidates who are a good fit for what you are looking for, you have to offer them something that is an incentive for them. Benefits that make them realize that it may be worth going through a selection process.

Here it is important to take into account what is most demanded by society at this time. Now, in addition to a competitive salary, it is highly valued that the organization offers conciliation programs, teleworking, health insurance, training scholarships, promotion possibilities, etc.

Making an effort in the different areas that we have seen, companies become a more attractive place to work. Getting those who are looking for a job to see in the positions that you offer a good opportunity to improve both professionally and personally.

With small adjustments in the way of understanding and carrying out the selection process, and the treatment of employees, big changes can be achieved. Because by implementing strategies like the ones we have seen, a favorable position is achieved when it comes to attracting talented candidates whose values and objectives are aligned with those of the organization. 

Good personnel selection is the basis for building high-performance work teams, so it is worth making efforts to make this selection increasingly efficient and effective.

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