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Industry: Human Capital Consulting

About the company: MBI Talent is a company that specializes in recruiting personnel for different companies, offering different services that their clients can hire. MBI Talent's main objective is to reinvent human capital and turn it into the main engine of innovation.

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Start point

MBI Talent is a leading company in its sector with offices in different parts of the world. They needed a tool to help them identify the best talent in all their selection processes, in addition to the evaluation of soft skills to know the candidate's fit with the position and the company. 

Their selection processes are very varied depending on the profile and the sector, although most of them are for Middle Management and Senior Management, which is why it is so important to back up the information they obtain with data and thus offer their client certainty about the selected person, increasing their client's trust. 

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The decision

After having tried Hirint for free in a selection process, MBI Talent decided to hire Hirint, thanks to all the information obtained from the platform, the trust generated by all that information and having proven that the selected candidate was the right one.

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The result

According to Salvador Morales, using Hirint has helped them identify the right candidates for the position and the company, in addition to saving them time and money, as well as being able to offer their clients extra information about the candidate. 

Highly value getting a feedback report that allows them to get to know themselves better. In addition, our reports reinforce the relationship that candidates have with MBI Talent. 

What does Hirint's MBI Talent value most?

What does Hirint's MBI Talent value the most?: Definitely for them the most valued thing is the information that Hirint provides about the candidates, since it helps them assess which candidate best fits the position and nurture their clients with that information. so valuable.