Hirint joins InfoJobs to launch a new skills test

ANDThis new innovative service allows to measure the different skills (soft skills) of the candidates (for example, communication skills, teamwork, planning, initiative or leadership, among many others) and is now available in ePreselec (InfoJobs' selection process manager).

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Madrid, April 6, 2022.- When a person applies for a job, the Human Resources department evaluates their CV to see if they meet the necessary requirements, especially in terms of previous knowledge and experience. This information allows us to have a first profile of the candidate, but there is another factor that is undoubtedly key to knowing whether or not that person will fit into the company: we are referring to the soft skills.

InfoJobs, the leading employment platform in Spain, goes one step further in its goal of helping companies find the best talent and it does so through its new skills test. He does it hand in hand hirinth, company that offers a platform to assess and identify the skills of candidates. The new service is now available in ePreselec (InfoJobs' selection process manager) that allows human resources professionals measure the different skillssoft skills) of the candidates, such as communication skills, teamwork, planning, initiative or leadership, among others.

How does the ePreselec skills test work?

The first step is to access ePreset and go to the menu. Right in this section appears the option of “Send skills test” to the candidate. This invitation to the test can be sent at any time during the selection process and to the candidates that the recruiter wants.

Once the candidate has answered the questions, in the ePreselec list a label will be displayed to indicate to the recruiter that they can consult the results.

When consulting the results, the recruiter will be able to see a report with the assessment of 20 competencies, which will be accompanied by a description based on the score obtained.

What are the advantages of this skills test?

  1. Get to know the candidates better: Having this information will allow the recruiter to get the most out of the face-to-face interview.
  2. Reduce employee turnover: This test helps to determine if the candidate is a good fit for the position and with it, the time spent in the company can increase.
  3. Create bias-free processes: The test algorithms do not know gender, race or age, they are only based on the information that the candidate has answered.
  4. Improve the candidate experience: The test is very simple to perform and when doing so, the candidate will receive a report of feedback, always in a positive key. According to data from Hirint, the satisfaction of the candidates after taking the test is 97%.
  5. Reduce the skills gap: the test helps to create multidisciplinary teams that support each other thanks to their different skills.
  6. Save time in the selection processes: This new test allows HR to know which candidates will spend their time conducting face-to-face interviews.

Thus, the candidate You will receive a report with a feedback (positive) based on the answers you have given and that is related to your preferences and habitual behaviors in a work environment. This will help you get to know yourself better and you will have the option of download it and receive a copy by e-mail if you wish.

About Hirin 

Hirint is a smart screening and screening platform that filters and ranks candidates based on their fit with the job opening. We combine psychology and big data to evaluate the most demanded soft skills and give the company a ranking that matches the position. Along with this ranking, we generate a detailed report for the company, where they can see the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates and another report for the candidates that helps them to get to know each other better and improve their experience.

About InfoJobs

Leading platform in Spain to find the best professional opportunities and the best talent. In the last year, InfoJobs has posted more than 2 million job openings. Every month it has 40 million visits (more than 80% come from mobile devices) and nearly 6 million active users. InfoJobs belongs to Adevinta, a leading company in digital marketplaces and one of the main companies in the country's technology sector, with more than 18 million users per month on its platforms in the real estate sectors (photohouse and room), job (InfoJobs), engine (cars.net and motos.net) and sale of second-hand items (Milanuncios).