Corporate Culture is one of the main concerns of Human Resources Managers

In its annual report 'Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders', Gartner states that 41% of respondents indicated that employees' connection to the organizational culture is compromised and 47% said they do not know, either, how to adjust course.

Fountain: Forbes

The first step to solve the problem is to have a correct diagnosis of corporate culture.

“What is not defined cannot be measured. What is not measured can not be improved. 
“What is not improved is always degraded.” William Thomson Kelvin

Evaluate how the culture and values of the company and the team fit together.

Obtain a profile of cultural archetypes and predominant values in your team, ensuring concordance, tolerance and work environment. Improves the identification, loyalty and motivation of talent

The Cultural Fit Assessment Method (CFAM©) 
is capable of carrying out a cultural diagnosis 
reliable, effective and data-driven.

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Evaluate values with the rigor and reliability of the CFAM© Method

A scientific methodology based on Quinn and Rohrbaugh's Competing Values Framework.