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Have a TOP employer brand thanks to these tips

"Talent" has become the key word in personnel selection processes. Because what companies want is attract talented candidates. Those who have the hard skills (hard skills) essential to carry out the job in question, and a good number of soft skills or soft skills that facilitate the development of all kinds of tasks in any environment.

But the objective of the organizations is not fulfilled when they manage to attract talent to the selection processes because, once that talented person is part of the workforce, you have to work to retain them.

Workers are less and less committed to companies, and do not hesitate to voluntarily resign from a position if they are offered something better. Losing good employees means losing competitive advantage, and as a result, companies are devoting more efforts than ever to building their employer brand and becoming the best place to work.

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What is the employer brand?

Also known as employer branding, it is a concept that refers to the reputation that a company has as an employer. The value that it offers to its workers and to those who could form part of its workforce in the future.

It was at the end of the 90s of the last century when companies began to worry about the image that they transmitted both internally and externally as employers. As competition for talent in the job market has become fiercer, presenting a good employer image is increasingly important to attract good candidates and retain the most valuable employees.

Advantages of working the employer brand

Reduce the time (and money) needed to make a hire

If a company has a reputation for being a good employer, it is much easier for it to have its selection processes concur more valuable candidates, which reduces the time of incorporation of new workers. And a shorter selection process is also cheaper.

Lower the turnover rate

A high turnover rate is a concern for Human Resources departments, but when you work on the employer brand, what you get is that this rate goes down.

The employees feel heard and valued, and this makes it much more difficult for them to make the decision to go and work elsewhere. Consequently, the company does not have to be constantly immersed in processes to fill the vacancies left by those who leave.

attract talent

A company with a good reputation as an employer is more likely that talented employees who are currently working in the competition decide to go to work for it. This gives you a market advantage.

Increase your sales

That the employees of an organization are happy is something that transcends the borders of that entity. If the good reputation of that company spreads, the Consumers will be much more willing to purchase products or services from this before your competition.

Strategies for a TOP employer brand

Promote transparency

The company must be aware of its strengths and weaknesses as an employer, and must work to further strengthen those strengths, and improve the weaknesses as much as possible.

Externally, its image as a place to work must be solid, able to value how beneficial it is to work in it. What you never have to do is project an image that does not match reality.

It is essential that there coherence between what is transmitted and what is done. This will prevent new employees from being disappointed when they join the workforce and realize reality.

Involve the staff

The employees are the best brand ambassadors that a company can have when it comes to talking about its qualities as an employer. Because they are the ones who know the reality, the day to day working in that company. Therefore, it is important that they are involved to build a good reputation.

The first thing is take your opinion into account. Let them state what they think is being done well and what could be improved. For this, you have to invite them to communicate through different internal and external channels.

Of course, this participation must always be voluntary. We cannot force an employee to write an opinion about their workplace on social networks, because they will not feel free to expose what they really think.

They can also be carried out internal satisfaction surveys to know the general feeling of the company.

All this information is very useful when it comes to detecting the strengths and weaknesses of the employer, and should be used to incorporate improvements that fit within what the staff members are demanding.

Observe the competition

Employer branding is still a way of doing marketing and, as always when it comes to making a business stand out from the rest, it doesn't hurt to take a look at what others are doing.

It is not a matter of copying the strategies for attracting and retaining personnel that another company is already using, but of evaluate what works well for you and see how it can be improved. In fact, inspiration in this sense can also be sought in how companies from other economic sectors act with respect to their workforce.

This formula will help us avoid mistakes and free us from wasting time implementing actions that are not going to work.

Participate in employment events

When a company works on its employer brand, it not only wants to retain the employees it already has, it also wants to attract talent. A good way to do this is by boosting your presence at fairs and events related to employment.

It is a way to be seen and for the public to know that this entity is willing to give job opportunities to different profiles

Since competition is also present in this type of event, it is necessary to seek formulas to stand out. Doing something different will break the schemes of those who come to that event to find a job, and will encourage them to want to participate in the selection process.

Host an open house

It's about showing the rest of the world how your business works, and you can even do it virtually. 

The idea is to create a landing page in which the interested parties have direct information about what day-to-day life is like in the different departments of the company, find out how the employees feel, see the facilities, meet the leaders...

All this can act as incentive to attract more talent. In fact, even if there is no selection process open at the moment, online visitors can be invited to take advantage and leave their CV to be considered for future vacancies.

Improve the candidate experience

Many candidates will not become employees of the company, but will they are going to take an image of it that is better than it is positive.

Improve the candidate experience It implies giving appropriate treatment to all those people who, in one way or another, have shown their interest in working for the company. For example, keeping them informed about their continuation or not in the selection process, or being flexible when making an appointment for an interview.

Work on content that enhances the employer brand

It is not enough that the company is a good employer, it has to give public knowledge of it. For this reason, within its value proposition there must be content related to what the experience of working in it is like, both on its blog and on its website and its social networks.

You can share articles written by staff members, short interviews, videos, etc. In addition, you have to try to make that content as up-to-date as possible.

Integrate the employer branding strategy with the press strategy

It is another version of what we just mentioned. The aim is to highlight the qualities of a company as an employer through its communications in the press.

To achieve this, you can send press releases to the media, or you can contact journalists who are interested in doing an interview or report with one of the company leaders and their employees.

In short, to have a really effective employer brand, we need coherence between what we do and what we transmit. On the other hand, communication becomes fundamental, you have to "sell yourself" and demonstrate why working in our company is better than doing it in the competition.

If the employer branding strategy is well designed and implemented, it shouldn't be long before you start to see good results.

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