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Attraction and engagement of Generation Z with your company

TFollowing a study, it is estimated that by 2025, Generation Z will constitute almost 30% of the global workforce. It is considered to be a generation of workers that grew up with information at the touch of a button and with more options than ever before. Therefore, it is essential for us to know the best way to attract and engage Generation Z in the company.

But while some older generations may criticize Gen Z for having it easy. They have experienced the devastating impacts of global warming and have lived through a pandemic that is still costing thousands of lives around the world. That's why, from a workplace perspective, Gen Z is a fascinating crowd of employees and one that generally looks for more than a good salary when deciding where to work.

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Security for the engagement of generation Z in the company

A panel discussion outlined the key trends that have been identified through the study of the next generation of workers. Here Generation Z workers were identified as a highly skilled, innovative and tech-savvy group. Through the connectivity that the Internet offers, they are world travelers who are not limited by location when it comes to job hunting. In pre-pandemic times, Gen Z's top three needs in the workplace were said to include being able to reach their full potential. The respect and recognition of their colleagues and the social bonds created at work. But, interestingly, the pandemic has brought another need to the fore.

He tells us that security has begun to matter more to this generation than ever before had a global or world event shake their sense of financial and vocational security, he said. “I think it is an area that will continue to be important for this generation in the future. It is a sense of security, a desire for permanent roles in an organization where you can move up, where you can grow and have a path of development. Whereas before the pandemic, I just didn't hear the word security mentioned when it came to vocation."

One roundtable attendee said he had experienced this increased desire for security firsthand among his company's new graduates. They had begun seeking reassurance about available permanent positions and their future within the organization despite starting the program, something she had not witnessed in a group of graduates before the pandemic.

One factor that could become a attraction and retention tool for employers seeking Gen Z employees. Companies that can meet that need by offering permanent jobs and a clear path of progression. Then this will make it easier for them to attract the next generation of workers.

Participation in decision-making

Based on other feedback, we know that today there is a greater appetite for information and participation in decision-making from the youngest employees in your organization. With staff members between the ages of 18 and 80, collaboration is key to fostering a culture that is inclusive, regardless of age.

All of this makes it clear to us that Gen Z likes to say how much they want to know and be part of the team. This is how we will achieve a multi-generational workforce so that we have voices from all the different generations, and then we collectively make the decision.

So we can describe Generation Z as a generation that longs to get involved. Plus, Gen Z workers also know what they want and aren't afraid to ask for it. Combined with the sudden increase in remote or flexible work in this last year.

It's a stress point that has become common in many multi-generational workplaces. Flexibility given or earned? Some would say that in today's talent market, organizations cannot afford to ignore the desire for flexibility among the younger generation of workers. 

Technology as a commitment of generation Z in the company

Now focusing on technology, which is naturally a big part of the Gen Z employee experience. As a generation that has grown up with mobile, high-speed internet, and entertainment at their fingertips, obviously the expectation around technology is very high.

Therefore, platforms used in the workplace are expected to be consumer-grade, whether it's checking in your shifts, video calling with your team, booking a day off, or in the hiring process.

In conclusion

It's clear to us that today's HR leaders are aware of the unique needs and wants of the next generation of workers. In fact, they are not only aware, they are being proactive. Leading organizations are designing and evolving their HR strategy to meet those needs. Support Gen Z as they enter the workforce and make them the leaders of tomorrow.

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