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Who are the GEN Z and what can they contribute to your team?

Generation Z is made up of those born between the years 1995 and the first decade of the 2000s. But what are Gen Z members like at work?

The Gen Z are the exaggerated version of their brother the millennials, that is, they are more informatic, more empathetic and professional.

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Characteristics of Gen Z at work

What makes them so special and how will they be able to change the future of work?

This generation is characterized by having unique features.

As can be their high knowledge of technology, their concern for the environment and their desire to have an impact on the environment they live in.

In addition, they are entrepreneurs and capable of self-employment through the use of new technologies and the Internet.

Because they are digital natives, they are able to quickly create and adapt to innovations in technology. A major characteristic of Gen Z at work is their obsession with the "customizable."

Technology has allowed more and more services to be personalized and adapted to each one's situation, making this a unique and personal experience for the user.

But this phenomenon not only occurs because of technology but because of the predisposition to empathize that this group possesses.

Also, it can be said that this generation stands out for being resilient and daring, although conservative in economic matters, since they have experienced numerous economic crises, including the one we are experiencing now.

Even so, they are brave and accept any type of challenge, especially if they have a clear objective and it is aligned with their values.

How can you attract these profiles?

Offering a flexible work space and schedule as they need to keep their privacy comfortable in order to work effectively.

Allow them to work in an environment diverse and international, since they attach great importance to learning about other cultures.

They prioritize technology to the "classic", digitizing aspects of the company that are outdated and allowing them to participate in those digitization processes.

And finally, change the selection processes. A modernized selection process adapted to the criteria of the new generations is a key element when it comes to whether or not a Gen Z chooses a company.

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