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How to scale your recruitment process?

PFor a company, the fact that its workforce is growing is always good news because, if it needs more employees, this is a sign that the volume of work is increasing. To do this, you have to scale your recruitment process.

The growth of a business must be well managed at all levels, especially from the point of view of Human Resources. It is not about expanding the workforce at any price, but about forming a highly effective work team, capable of becoming a added value for the company to help you stand out from the competition.

The problem is that when business growth is very fast, there is a rush to increase the number of workers. This can lead to errors that are often expensive. In many cases, in the form of an increase in the rate of absenteeism and the rate of turnover. So that it does not happen, we will see how to scale your recruiting process to strategically increase your workforce.

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Strategic recruitment plan as a way to scale your recruitment process

The sales department, the product development department, the finance department... All of them usually act under the premise of a strategic plan that gathers their objectives in the short, medium and long term, and the action guidelines. Well, the Human Resources department should not be an exception.

If you are going to hire a large number of people in a short time, you need to have planned everything in advance and budgeted for it.

The recruitment plan provides for:

  • the worker needs that may arise in each department
  • the budget that exists for recruitment
  • the times in which incorporations should be carried out of the new team members.

In addition, it is interesting to segment the information by departments. This will allow personnel management specialists to know what personnel needs there are or may arise in each area of the business.

Improve data protection

When hiring levels intensify, it is also necessary to expand the workforce within the Human Resources department itself. Or, at least, it is necessary increase the number of people who have access to files containing personal data.

The more people with access to information, the greater the risk of a security breach. If a cybersecurity problem is always a headache for the company, it is even more so when it is immersed in a massive hiring process and needs to have the information available immediately.

That is why, as the workforce grows, it is necessary to improve data protection and cybersecurity systems. Controlling user roles and information access permissions.

Know the regulations in force as a way to scale your recruitment process

The increase in the workforce has a cost that the company will take time to recover. However, totally legal alternatives can be sought so that the price is lower. The key is to know the labor legislation well. Because it is not uncommon for them to settle incentives for hiring certain groups 

If the company hires people who fit into these groups, they can obtain interesting savings on the social contributions of their new employees. In addition, they will be giving an opportunity to those who have it more difficult to access the labor market, something that will also contribute to improving the image of the company.

Make a correct job description

The job description is a description of the job. The chores that are included within it and the skills and capabilities that someone who fills that position should have. Therefore, it is very useful information both internally and for candidates.

If, prior to the search process for new employees, each of the positions that are part of the organization have been defined in detail, Creating a job offer will be much easier and faster.

Having this job ready will save recruiters time. But it will also save the candidates, who will be able to know much more quickly if they fit the profile that the company is looking for or not.

Find candidates in the right places as a way to scale your recruiting process

Growing the workforce quickly and effectively requires searching for candidates in the most appropriate places. These may vary depending on the profile that needs to be contracted at any given time.

The more specialized the source in which candidates are sought is, the better. This is because their profile will be more adapted to what the company needs.

Automate the process 

There are already many tasks in the recruitment process that can be automated. This especially happens with those that are more tedious and have little added value, as is the case with the resume screening.

State-of-the-art software can take care of making a selection of resumes based on the parameters indicated by the company. In this way, those who do not fit the profile sought will be discarded and those who do will go on to the next phase of the selection process.

Meanwhile, Human Resources technicians can dedicate themselves to tasks with higher added value as the preparation of subsequent interviews or psychotechnical tests that must be carried out on candidates.

Do video interviews as a way to scale your recruitment process

In a massive recruitment process it is possible that the stages overlap. In other words, while some candidates are in their first interview, others may already be signing their contract. This implies a high volume of work and stress for the staff of the Human Resources department, a situation that becomes even more complicated when there are more people than usual in the office.

One way to avoid this is with video interviews. Are reduce the volume of people entering and leaving the company. AIn addition, they speed up the selection process, because the interviews carried out by this means are usually shorter and more to the point.

A recruiter who applies this method can conduct many more interviews than if you had to do them the classic way.

The video interview is also used as a screening method. If it is necessary to learn more about the candidates, only those who have been found to fit more or less well with the profile to be covered will be summoned to a face-to-face meeting.

set deadlines

The recruitment process can take a long time and sometimes this is necessary. However, when the company is immersed in a growth process and needs to strengthen its staff, You can't afford to take weeks to fill even the simplest positions.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish a series of deadlines for action. A deadline by which the selection and hiring processes should be completed. 

Although this adds more pressure to the Human Resources department, it also allows you to organize your work more efficiently by carrying out a better time management.

However, keep in mind that rushing is never good when it comes to selecting candidates. For this reason, the deadlines set must always be enough to be able to carry out the recruitment task with the highest possible quality.

Strengthen the onboarding process

Recruitment does not end the moment the new employee signs the contract. There are more and more specialists who consider that the onboarding or adaptation of the new employee to the position and the company.

Because there is no point in signing contracts if, after a few weeks, it becomes clear that the worker does not fit in with the company. In this case, the organization will have to do without him, or it will be the employee himself who decides to leave. This generates a turnover that triggers costs for the company. In addition, it forces you to start a new recruitment process, with the time, money and effort that this entails.

In times of growth, companies need their new employees adapt as well and as quickly as possible. So the reception process in the organization will have to be further strengthened. so that the new employee can become operational and effective 100% as soon as possible.

Monitor and analyze all processes as a way to scale your recruitment process

In all the processes that a company carries out, there are things that are done well, others that can be improved, and others that should be discarded directly. The selection is no exception.

In order to make the process more and more efficient, it is necessary to monitor all the steps that have been carried out and analyze them in detail. This will allow detect good practices that will have to be replicated in the future. But also continue with practices that it is better to ignore or that must be corrected.

Scaling the recruitment process is something that we can do with a guarantee of success if we define each of the steps to take very well. Thus, we make sure that the entire team of the Human Resources department knows what to do at all times. This, together with the use of new technologies and adequate monitoring, makes companies increasingly efficient in terms of searching for candidates and hiring.

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