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Chapter 6: Empowering HR Leaders H H. with Yoani Aceves

Welcome to the sixth chapter of Hirint, where Yoani Aceves brings us her passionate approach to empowering leaders in the field of Human Resources. With more than 12 years of experience leading talent strategies in Latin America and now also working with technologies such as virtual reality and video games, Yoani encourages us to look beyond administrative tasks and evolve towards futuristic strategies.

The talk focuses on three essential pillars: Continuous Learning, Innovation and Data. Yoani highlights that the only competence of the future is “learnability” – the ability to constantly learn and unlearn. In a world that is changing at a rapid pace, the ability to adapt and continue learning is vital.

Innovation is not just about huge technological leaps; It can also be as simple as adding a creative touch to our existing strategies. By improving the “experience” of both candidates and employees, companies can achieve greater innovation. And when it comes to data, Yoani emphasizes the importance of backing our decisions with hard numbers, rather than simply following “common sense.”

One of the most interesting aspects of this talk is the emphasis on personal empowerment. Yoani reminds us that if we want to be effective leaders in the Human Resources environment, we must take an active role in creating strategies and have solid data to speak the language of business. We cannot simply wait to be given opportunities; we have to take them.

Additionally, a major focus is placed on the talent shortage and how companies should prepare for this inevitability. She talks about the importance of technology in expanding the reach and impact of HR strategies. HH., especially in today's digital environment that is rapidly moving towards the adoption of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain.

In short, this episode encourages us to look beyond our current responsibilities as people managers and transform ourselves into talent strategists. It challenges us to be innovative, to be backed by data, and most importantly, to empower ourselves and other leaders to build a better future for everyone in the world of HR.

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