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Salary: Monetary or Emotional

What is salary?

It is the remuneration that a company issues to its workers on a regular basis, but this value, which at first is only monetary, has been branched into several concepts, one of them being the emotional salary. That is why we ask which is better: salary, monetary or emotional.

In this article we are going to explain what the emotional salary is, what distinguishes it from the conventional salary and what its effects are in the work environment.

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But… What is the emotional salary?

“It is a concept associated with the remuneration of an employee that includes non-economic issues, whose purpose is to satisfy the personal, family and professional needs of the worker, improving the quality of life of the same, promoting work conciliation”

Spanish Association for Quality

So, it is a very important and valuable intangible for the company since it deals with the emotions of the workers. 

However, just as it can benefit the worker, it can worsen their situation and achieve an adverse effect than expected if they are introduced to the work team in a bad way.

That said, it can be said that the monetary salary also affects workers personally and emotionally since the main source of concern in the work environment comes from money, or rather, the lack of it.

So... What is the main difference between emotional and monetary salary?

The answer lies in the effect they cause. A high salary can improve the personal environment of a worker but not the work environment, on the other hand, an emotional salary allows easy retention of talent and helps create a more comfortable work environment.

How many times have we heard employees complain about having endless hours, poor family reconciliation or a bad work environment in the company? Many times, right? These types of comments are not influenced by the employee's economic salary, but rather by the emotional one.

Now that we know how emotional salary affects people, how can we successfully implement it in the company? We leave you 5 key points so that the implementation is ideal:

1. Hourly flexibility in the emotional salary

Giving workers a little freedom can help them reconcile their family life and not feel tied to work. In addition, it allows to increase the productivity and happiness of the workers at no cost to the company. It should be noted that this practice is not available to all jobs due to the activity they carry out.

2. Healthy culture

Offer healthy food in the company cafeteria or enable a relaxation space, for example: yoga, meditation, etc... This can generate improvements in relations between workers and be an attractive point for employees. future candidates.

3. Personal and professional development in the emotional salary

Allowing workers to develop both as individuals and as professionals should be one of the most important objectives of companies, but one that many end up neglecting. In addition, this helps you to be more productive and more engaged with the company.

4. Possibility of promotion

Belonging to a work environment in which your efforts are rewarded and that allows you to participate in different challenges from time to time will increase the motivation of employees and allow the entry of young and fresh talent.

5. Design of the work environment in the emotional salary

It is not pleasant to work in a space full of cubicles, without windows and in which there is no cafeteria or vending machines. Therefore, designing a cool workspace, with lots of light, that has common spaces where workers can meet during their breaks is essential for the team of workers to be comfortable and motivated to stay in the company.

In conclusion…

The emotional salary is an intangible benefit for workers and for companies, if they propose it. The effects it causes will make workers feel more comfortable, more productive and less likely to want to leave the company.

For this reason, betting on this type of practice is ideal, it generates many benefits and has a very little or no investment.


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