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Deepen your knowledge of your candidates and create tests adapted to your needs in a simple way.

Discover your candidates in depth with personalized tests. Develop your talent selection process with Hirint, the platform that allows you to create custom tests.

Boost your recruitment and selection capacity

Find the talent you need in the most practical and comfortable way.

Get detailed evaluations of each candidate, with results on each answer.

Make decisions based on concrete data and not intuition.

Discover the formula to make better decisions and establish stronger connections with the talents you need in your company.

Create custom tests of any type with ease

  1. Set open, multiple choice, true or false questions, add audio and video questions and much more.
  2. Choose from a variety of different questions to personalize your evaluation.
  3. Develop a range of questions to deepen your understanding of your candidates.

Answers to frequently asked questions

These tests are designed to measure the knowledge that each candidate has. Thanks to our precise and personalized evaluation, you will be able to identify the strengths and areas of opportunity of each person, allowing you to make informed decisions for the selection and development of your talent.

You can configure these types of questions:

  • Open: to evaluate the candidate's capacity for analysis and argumentation.
  • Multiple choice: to evaluate specific knowledge on a topic.
  • Single selection: to evaluate the ability to make quick decisions.
  • True and false: to assess understanding of basic concepts.
  • To upload a document: to evaluate writing or case analysis skills.
  • With images: to respond with images, matrix scales
  • Text questions may contain images, video and audio

Of course! Our platform provides you with a detailed evaluation, showing you the result of each answer provided by the candidate. We offer you an instant evaluation to determine the alignment of your answers with the desired option.

You do not need anything. Simply create your Hirint account, create an assessment, configure and design this test, publish it, and that's it! Start evaluating your candidates. It's easy and fast!

Boost your talent selection with personalized exams and discover your candidates like never before.

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