desarrollar talento

Everything you need to know about developing soft skills

Table of contents The main challenge for recruitment specialists is to find the worker profile that best fits the position to be filled. But, for some time now, we have known that when it comes to achieving that connection


Transform your hiring process with competency assessments

Table of contents Until not too long ago, the selection processes basically focused on evaluating the CVs of the candidates and personally interviewing those who managed to pass the first screening. However, today


7 ways to work on the soft skills of my team

Table of contents The selection of candidates is an increasingly complex activity. If we want to be certain that we have made the right choice in choosing the right person to perform a job, we must look both at the


5 Strategies to Hire and Retain Talent

The pandemic has changed many things, including the way we see life and the way we want to enjoy it. This is, as confirmed by specialists, what has led to the phenomenon known as "the great job desertion


How to scale your recruitment process?

It is always good news for a company that its workforce is growing because if it needs more employees, this is a sign that the volume of work is increasing. The growth of a business must be

Adecuación laboral

Job suitability: its importance in hiring and how to do it

Companies look for talent in the market, but is this enough? Is a talented employee always a guarantee of success, or may we discover that such a highly qualified person does not fit well in the position or in the company?


What is an Assessment Center?

The search for talent for the company is a highly complex process. So much so that we can find that, after a long selection process, the chosen candidate turns out not to be the most suitable for the position. It is possible that