Techniques to improve talent retention

Searching for talent in the labor market is complicated. Finding it is even more so, therefore, the techniques to improve talent retention are the basis for the consolidation of a company. Making a selection process requires an investment

Tendencias de Recursos Humanos en 2023

Work motivation, the great challenge for companies

The work motivation of employees has become one of the workhorses of companies in all sectors. Organizations are aware of the multiple benefits of having a happy and motivated workforce, but

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Main errors of the Human Resources department

Let's face it, none of us are perfect, nor will they ever be. Human beings have many virtues and many abilities, but there are also things that we do wrong. If we make mistakes as individuals, we make it all the more reason when,

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7 tips to develop employees

Companies have focused on the personnel selection process as an essential tool for having talent in work teams, and they have been right in giving more importance to everything related to

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How to measure success in the selection process?

Employees are one of the most important assets that a company has. But, for this asset to be of quality, it is necessary that a sufficiently adequate selection process has been carried out beforehand.