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Staffing and Recruiting.

Raising success in Staffing and Recruiting through Soft Skills assessment.

In a constantly evolving work environment, the staffing and recruiting sector faces increasingly complex challenges. According to recent data, 78% of companies in the sector report difficulties finding candidates with the right skills for the positions they need to fill. 

Additionally, 65% of human resources and recruiting professionals cite increasing competition as a barrier to identifying and attracting quality talent. Moreover, 53% of companies report that retaining candidates after placement is a constant challenge.

Improve your talent decisions more effectively and quickly with solutions that:

Reduce employee turnover
by at least 29%.

Decrease hiring
time by 57%

Increase candidate satisfaction
by at least 94%

How Hirint helps companies
Staffing and Recruiting

Hirint represents a transformative shift in how companies in the staffing and recruiting sector approach hiring. With its advanced soft skills assessment software, Hirint tackles industry challenges in the following ways:

Talent Shortage: Demand for qualified candidates outstrips supply in many industries, complicating selection and compromising the quality of hire.

Hirint provides a quantitative and objective assessment of soft skills, thereby expanding the pool of eligible candidates by identifying the skills necessary for each vacant position. This positively impacts clients.

Subjective Skills Assessment: The evaluation of soft skills is often subjective and can result in poor decisions in candidate selection.

Hirint provides standardized, data-driven assessments, offering an objective and consistent measure of candidates' soft skills. This enables recruitment agencies to make more informed and reliable decisions, reducing bias and eliminating uncertainty associated with subjective evaluation.

Candidate Retention: High turnover negatively impacts customer satisfaction and perceptions of recruitment agency effectiveness.

Assessing not only technical knowledge adequacy but also candidates' soft skills helps ensure better retention and long-term adaptation. Hirint assists in evaluating soft skills for successful outcomes. Staffing agencies can enhance satisfaction for both clients and candidates by ensuring more successful and enduring placements.

Inefficient Initial Evaluation: The initial candidate screening and selection process can be slow and time-consuming.

The initial candidate screening and selection process can be slow and time-consuming for staffing and recruiting agencies. Recruiters must review numerous resumes and profiles, often spending valuable time on candidates who may not truly align with the client's needs. Hirint can address this challenge by automating the initial soft skills assessment. With its intelligent algorithms, Hirint can rank candidates based on their potential fit for the evaluated role.

In conclusion, in the fiercely competitive staffing and recruiting sector, Hirint emerges as a comprehensive solution to overcome key challenges. By providing an objective and reliable evaluation of candidates' soft skills, Hirint empowers recruitment agencies to excel in talent selection and placement, thereby enhancing the quality of hires and customer satisfaction.

Foster stronger and more diverse teams

Discover how Hirint can support you in promoting DEIB initiatives in your organization.

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