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5 Things You Are Doing That Negatively Affect Your Candidate's Experience

Do the applicants for the job that you are offering in your company disappear suddenly without leaving a trace? Have you offered a job to a candidate who has passed all the selective tests and in the end has told you that he is not interested in working with you? If your business has gone through any of these situations, what happens is that you are making mistakes in the candidate experience.

Something is happening that makes the applicants do not feel comfortable with the treatment received. That's why, They either ghost you or reject the job after having spent their time in the selection process.

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Candidate experience is key to recruiting talent

We have already said on more than one occasion that in the labor market there is a real "battle" between companies to try to attract talented employees.

There are a lot of unemployed people but, when it comes down to it, few have a profile that fits well in a specific job, and this causes the recruitment processes to take weeks and even months. In fact, in some cases companies they cannot fill the positions because they cannot find the right person.

ANDFinding the right candidate for a position is never easy. HIt must be borne in mind that this will be much more complicated if the selection process is not adequate and applicants are not being treated correctly.

The image of the company

Companies need to make sure that the experience of job candidates is as positive as possible, even if they don't get the job. It is important that they leave with a good image of the organization, because that way they will speak well of her and get other people around her to be interested in the jobs offered. Thus, little by little, the company improving your employer brand and gets talented people who meet the requirements to work in the vacancy offered to its selection processes, which makes the process shorter and more effective.

The candidate's experience is neither more nor less than the how they feel throughout the recruitment process with the treatment you are receiving from the company. If we want to improve it, we must be clear about what is wrong in many companies. Therefore, below, we are going to expose five common practices in many businesses that contribute to the feeling that the applicant gets is not exactly positive.

Posting unclear offers as one of the mistakes in the candidate experience

The candidate's experience begins even before their first direct contact with the company, when they see the job offer.

A priori, a job ad should be short, but concise enough so that the person is aware of the basic conditions that are required and the type of profile that the company is looking for.

However, in recent years, job offers are increasingly opaque. Hardly any information is given and, frequently, the information provided is more intended to promote the brand itself than to give data on employment and the requirements that applicants must meet.


We've all seen ads like: "Company of great prestige in the insurance sector, with a presence in more than 20 countries, seeks personnel for its commercial department."

After reading this ad, How can a job seeker know if he or she fits the profile that the company is looking for?

When the job offer is unclear, hundreds of CVs end up being received from people whose job profile does not fit what the company is looking for, and this is a problem, because you have to spend much more time screening.

In these cases, the candidate's experience will be affected for two reasons:

  • If there are many rejected applicants, it is most likely that the company Don't even bother telling applicants that your profile doesn't fit the role..
  • you are doing waste time to a person who is actively looking for a job. Because you are spending part of your effort trying to get a position for which you do not meet the requirements.

Luckily, this has an easy solution. The key is to do well-defined job offers, that allow the applicant to know what is offered and what requirements are essential in terms of knowledge, experience and hard and soft skills. In this way, who is looking for work You can self-dismiss if you see that you don't fit the profile, and you won't be wasting your time.

Job offers camouflaged as one of the errors in the candidate experience

If there's anything worse than a non-transparent job offer, it's a disguised job offer. because here yes applicants are being wasted their time and, furthermore, they are trying to attract them through deception.

This practice consists of offering a job to get many applicants, but that position is not the one you want to fill, but you are looking for candidates for another.

For example, a lot of companies need business profiles, but know that many job seekers do not want this job. So they offer another position that is more in demand, such as administrative assistant. When people come to the interview, convinced that the open position is for office work, they discover that what the company is really offering is a commercial job.

In such a case, the candidate experience is totally disastrous. Not only do you feel that you have wasted your time, but you also feel totally cheated, because the position to which he aspired has never existed.

This practice works very against companies and severely damages their image. If there are problems finding candidates for certain positions, the solution can never be to trick job seekers into the selection process. What should be done is start looking for those professionals who cannot be found in more specialized channels.

unnecessary waiting 

We all know that selection processes are complex and can take time, but companies have a tendency to value the time of the applicants very little, as if they had nothing else to do, another of the errors in the candidate experience.

It can take weeks to call for an interview, and when the candidate arrives at the location for an interview, they can be kept waiting for over half an hour.

It is clear that an incident can always arise that causes the selection process to be delayed, or that the interview scheduled for one hour is carried out later, but the time that the candidate is dedicating to the company must be valued and At a minimum, you have to notify you that there has been a delay.

If the selection process is taking longer, it is advisable to send an email or make a call to report it. Thus, it shows the candidate that they are still considered.

If it is the interview that is going to be delayed, it is advisable to notify the interviewee as soon as he arrives at the company. Apologize to him, show him a place where he can wait quietly and offer him, if possible, something to drink.

Comments out of place

Giving feedback to the candidate is always a good idea, especially if the candidate has been dismissed. It is worth making some comments about What aspects of your professional profile should you promote? so that, in the future, you have more options to be chosen to fill a vacancy like the one you have applied for.

Feedback should always be positiveBecause if it is negative, or even if we give the candidate misplaced or unnecessary advice, we are making their experience with the company negative.

For example, if in the profile of a candidate we see that right now he is studying something that has nothing to do with his original training and with the positions in which he has worked, in no case can he be recommended to leave those studies and focus on others more related to your work experience to continue improving. Because we do not know what is the reason that has led that person to start a new training process.

Not knowing the candidate's profile as one of the errors in the candidate's experience

The interviewer is going to see several dozen people in the selection process and, logically, the CV of all of them cannot have been “studied”. But when the candidate arrives for the interview It is necessary for the recruiter to know, at least, the basic elements of your professional profile.

If the personnel technician reads the applicant's CV in front of him, shows that you have not paid any interest so far, which significantly affects the image that person will take from the company.

A good candidate experience is essential for the company to attract and then retain talent. If we treat applicants well during recruitment, they can be sure that they will also receive proper treatment if they get the job. Precisely for this reason, reinforcing this aspect of the selection process is essential.

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