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The Importance of Building Employer Branding

ANDIn the field of human resources, this term is very important, although it is not a new topic. Every person who owns or wants to form a company should know about this aspect. But, what is the importance of building employer branding. Keep reading.

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What is employer branding?

We must start by knowing what employer branding is about, defining it as the reputation that a company has in the labor market. In this sense, we refer to the company's ability to attract people who want to be part of the team.

This aspect is a fundamental part of the identity of a company, since priority should not only be given to the corporate image towards customers, but also to the internal part that impacts employees and potential candidates.

The human resources department is the one who must be in charge of managing human talent and, therefore, must lead the Employer Branding campaign. This strategy should be based on:

  • In the experience of employees and candidates to nurture it and can have real development.
  • The strategy goes hand in hand with the business and the experience goes with the person, it is necessary to align both, to reap great benefits for the company

Why is it important to build Employer Branding?

It is necessary to make a change of attitude because the human talent of your company is the fundamental basis of your business, company or enterprise and they must be treated with dignity as if they were your clients.

It should be borne in mind that today job seekers have access to all the information of a brand and are especially critical about it. 

So technology has become the main source of information when people are looking for a good job. It is common to hear among applicants the benefits and facilities that some companies grant and the complaints that they are not interested in taking care of the human talent that works for them.

You have to understand that all brands have employer branding, and that it is up to their management to build a good strategy, since a company with a lack of personnel and that finds it difficult to hire employees is destined to suffer many problems.

It is a reality that to build a house you cannot start with the roof, therefore creating this campaign must be the first step, we must have a process of reflection on who we are, what our objectives are, our interests and how we want to achieve it. 

EVP (Employee Value Proposition)

It refers to the value proposition to the employee being everything you offer to differentiate yourself from other companies and show that you value those who work in your company.

This proposal must contain the values of the company and with which people can feel empathy. It depends on this that you get the attention of the candidates and manage to maintain the consolidated work team.

First, you have to identify your company and then define who you need to attract to be part of your brand. Here the key word is to segment in order to attract those who really need to hire.

What makes a good strategy to build Employer Branding?

A good strategy must be transparent and real, so being just a facade with a pretty appearance is not enough. The person in charge of designing it must be able to show the values that make up the brand, as well as their way of working and their work environment.

Providing the best working conditions for employees who support the brand with commitment and loyalty must be the priority. Let us remember that human talent always comes first.

Employees are the voice of a company and should be considered brand ambassadors. They are able to explain the benefits available to you, your company culture and environment.

Social networks must obtain the space they deserve within the company's strategies, a good team focused on the virtual public is very important. A brand without a presence in social networks does not exist, additionally it is the ideal channel to express its corporate values.

It is important to know the mistakes that should not be made in order to get closer to success and not to failure.

Common mistakes when building Employer Branding

  1. Not being aware of the reasons why you want to be a good employer. Without having a direction to go, there are no precise objectives to be met.
  2. Start an Employer Branding campaign without the support of management.
  3. Start with insufficient knowledge about it and without qualified personnel to design the campaign.
  4. Not having an action plan where what needs to be done is defined.
  5. Completely ignore the existence of social media in the digital world we live in today.
  6. Create great expectations in the candidate with a fraudulent advertisement, inflating the benefits that they will receive along with the salary range. If you do not fulfill what you offered, you will have a dissatisfied, deceived and unmotivated employee.
  7. Not having audiovisual content affects the way you want to communicate with the public and you will not be able to express the reasons for working in your company.
  8. Exclude employees from the strategy, as they are the best at telling the truth about what it is like to work for that company.
  9. Not defining the goals that are intended to be achieved.

Advantages of building Employer Branding

Below we will learn about all the benefits of promoting this aspect in your brand, in order to strengthen ties with your employees and project a strong image abroad.

  • It fosters motivation within the work team and builds trust between both parties.
  • A better work environment that undoubtedly helps to increase productivity and efficiency in the team.
  • Reduces staff turnover and prevents stress within the company.
  • Increase social prestige by having an excellent reputation as an employer brand.

3 Examples of Employer Branding


Its strength has been the great capacity it has to attract human talent within its facilities. It offers great benefits that are very well received by its employees, staff retention is very high.

It has free transportation, health care, generous vacations, rest rooms, aid in courses, legal advice and many benefits that make it the ideal company where everyone wants to work.

It is worth talking about the food they provide to their employees, since they offer the 3 daily meals, including coffee and juices at any time of the day. Additionally, the common spaces favor relationships between co-workers.


This company is at the top of the brands today, its management affirms that the corporate culture with which they are managed has helped them get the best talent.

At Netflix they value passion, curiosity and the ability to communicate within their team, trusting them by giving them freedom and very important responsibilities.

His motto can be translated to something like: A great workplace combines great co-workers and tough problems. In social networks you can only get good comments from their employees who have the opportunity to work with that company.

Hub Spot

His main objective is to build a company that anyone wants to work for. Their motto is "Creating a company we love" which has led them to reap success.

One of the things that has made HubSpot stand out is the way they show the day-to-day life of their employees and the way they advertise their job offers on the networks, no one escapes them.

They consider their team to be the soul of the company, giving them a voice in decisions, and this conception has given them great success among large corporations.

Tips to Improve Your Brand

Several actions can be taken to improve this aspect of the company and thus increase positive comments about the company's image among prospective and current employees.

  1. Maintaining an internal training system will prevent your workers from suffering from "stagnant worker syndrome".
  2. Opportunities to reconcile work life and their families. This is part of the emotional salary of employees.
  3. Establish a promotion system to keep workers motivated.

More tips following this link.

We recommend that the strategy be renewed from time to time so that the company has the capacity to adapt to the times we are experiencing. It should not be something static in your company, you have to know what works and what does not.

What is fashionable does not always work for your business and perhaps doing what others do does not work for you either. You must recognize your strengths and amplify them for success.

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