entrevista Elena Yepes

Inspiring Women: Interview Elena Yepes

Today we conducted an interview with Elena Yepes. Graduated in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid, this girl has always been interested in the field of Human Resources, so she complemented her training with an Executive MBAi at La Salle

entrevista Ema Yoshikawa

Inspiring Women: Ema Yoshikawa

Today we do an interview with Ema Yoshikawa. This girl trained as a psychologist at the Universidad Iberoamericana de México, and studied Ontological Coaching at the Newfield Network. For more than 15 years, he has led projects and teams in different branches of

entrevista Patricia Iglesias

Inspiring Women: Patricia Iglesias

We conducted an interview with Patricia Iglesias. We could highlight hundreds of things about this woman on a personal and professional level. He has training in business administration and management, a master's degree in Industrial Psychology, several titles in employment consulting and selection of

entrevista María Juliana Ortiz

Inspiring Women: María Juliana Ortiz

Today we are conducting an interview with María Juliana Ortiz, strategic leader of Human Resources, project manager and a true passionate about building successful work teams. Maria Juliana Ortiz graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the University of La

experiencia del candidato

5 keys to have a TOP candidate experience

Reputation matters, and a lot, this is something that companies have learned in recent years. The image they project to the outside influences whether they are able to sell more or less, but the truth is that it also generates

Experiencia del candidato

Candidate experience: what is it and how to improve it?

Labor ghosting is a problem that affects an increasing number of companies. As the selection process progresses, the technicians realize that candidates whose profile was interesting are disappearing. In back of

recursos humanos

HR Analytics: what is it and how to use it?

If technology is capable of making our lives a little easier at a private level, it is clear that it can also do so at a work and business level. In fact, the digitization process is giving rise to much better companies

Tendencias de Recursos Humanos en 2023

Tips to start applying Human Resources trends in 2023

A few weeks ago we looked at Human Resources trends in detail. When analyzing them, we realized that the vast majority of companies were going to have to implement changes if they wanted to adapt to them. we are already in